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The Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, near Omaha, is a military station which was known as Fort Crook where the 61st Balloon Company was assigned. The history of the base is dated back to 1890 when the fort was commissioned by the War Dept. The fort was used for combat reconnaissance training in 1918 and was renamed Offutt Field in 1924. In 1947 the facility become controlled by the U.S. Air Force and renamed Offutt AFB (Air Force Base) in 1948 in memory of 1st Lieutenant, Jarvis Jennes Offutt.

The host unit of Offutt AFB is the 55 WG (Wing) which is the biggest Air Combat Command’s wing. The base also contains the AFWA (Air Force Weather Agency), United States Strategic Command Headquarters, and Defense Finance and Accounting Service. The 55th Wing is responsible for providing command, control, surveillance, reconnaissance, intelligence, attack, and awareness to warfighters nationally. The wing consists of five groups; operations, maintenance, communications, mission support and medical group. The AFWA is the major weather center for the USAF.

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Offutt AFB Military Lawyers – Sex Assault Court Martial Attorney Air Force

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