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The Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas is a military installation and neighbor to Wichita Falls. It is known as the largest training base in AETC (Air Education and Training Command). The base was named in memory of Senator John Morris Sheppard as Sheppard Field in 1941. In 1948, the installation was renamed Sheppard AFB and used as the basic training center. The base shares one of Wichita Falls Municipal Airport’s runways.

The base contains host unit, 82nd TRW (Training Wing) and the 80th FTW (Flying Training Wing). The 82nd TRW educates and motivates over 62,000 airmen yearly. Training includes civil engineering, nuclear munitions, aircraft maintenance, avionics, telecommunications, and aerospace ground equipment. The 80th FTW produces fighter pilots for NATO alliance for the purpose of providing combat airpower. There are seven squadrons assigned to the wing; including the 80th OS, 88th FT, 89th FT, 90th, FT, 97th FT, 459th FT, and the 469th FT.

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