Our hard-hitting court-martial lawyers have the experience and firepower necessary to level the playing field.

We aggressively defend Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard cases worldwide. Our firm, founded and led by high profile defense lawyers, Michael Waddington, and Alexandra González-Waddington, is one of the most experienced and successful military defense law firms in the world. 

Having been involved in some of the highest-profile court-martial cases from the “War on Sexual Assault” and the “War on Terror,” our lawyers have an extensive and winning track record of taking on and beating military prosecution teams

Elite Military Sexual Assault Defense Attorneys

Michael & Alexandra literally wrote some of the best-selling books on cross-examination, sexual assault defense, trial strategy, and closing arguments.

We also teach criminal defense lawyers (civilian and military attorneys) across the USA how to effectively cross-examine hostile witnesses and win trials. After hundreds of contested jury trials, we have developed some of the best techniques to win military sex crimes and Article 120 UCMJ cases.

Our civilian military defense lawyers maintain a small caseload and personally handle cases from beginning to end.

We fight like gladiators to protect our clients.

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court martial ucmj defense attorney Michael Waddington
  • The Zen Master of the UCMJ If you're reading this, you're in a world of trouble. I was in your shoes, I read all 87 of his reviews, read his past court cases, even looked him up on Wikipedia. But if you're reading this, there's hope! And his name is Michael Waddington! Michael is the most professional, intelligent, cunning lawyer i have ever seen work in a court room. I was charged with 5 counts of Article 128(Assault), 3 counts of Article 120(Sexual Assualt) and 1 count of Article 134 (Obstruction of Justice) and the result read by the Jury panel "NOT GUILTY ". Michael was... read more

    US Army
    06 Nov 2020
  • Elite, Unmatched Professional I was accused of Sexual Assault in the military (Article 120). When my original ADC separated from active duty, I was terrified my case would fall through the cracks as I transitioned to another defense council. As a military officer, I had a lot to lose. After several deep discussions with loved ones it became abundantly clear it's not worth chancing your freedom against military prosecutors. Enter Michael Waddington.
    From day one Mr. Waddington was active and involved with my case. He asked deep, probing questions, not because he was concerned with my feelings on the case, but because he...
    read more

    US Air Force
    20 Oct 2020
  • Read before hiring this lawyer!! You are not alone. Many of us were where you are now.
    An accusation of sexual assault or rape is a major life-changing event for any military service member. Like me, you will be ignored, marginalized, and shuffled between nameless and swamped DoD-provided defense lawyers; you'll be told to ""just wait"" or ""stand by"" until things get to the worst possible point; your former friends and co-workers will look at you with doubt and talk about you behind your back - the next few years will be a defining point in your life, and to make it out intact I...
    read more

    US Army
    09 Oct 2020
  • You Must Hire this lawyer !!! Don't think twice I recommend this lawyer to all ranks and branches in the military from enlisted to officers. I'm enlisted soldier station in Vilseck, Germany. I'm being in the army for 8 plus years, just when I was running out of ways to fight for my life. I ran into this lawyer website while I was doing research online. I was overthinking depressed, I felt like the world was falling on top of me.
    God showed me this lawyer, if your reading this is because your thinking of who to hire I can tell you right now your in the right place...
    read more

    US Army
    01 Oct 2020
  • BEST LAWYER!!!! HIRE HIM NOW!!! Hard Hitting Aggressive Representation. We Defend Serious Criminal Cases Worldwide. this is correct he Flew all the way from the states to Vilseck, Germany to represent me. no matter the distance his team and him will answer all the questions you need. great outcome! Waddington was patient, kept his word and was very understanding! he will defend you and fight for you he will get every detail known and he will give you the best results I was being charges for adultery , assault and more crazy the military tried but if you have Mr Waddington by you there's no... read more

    US Army
    01 Oct 2020
  • Great Expectations – Exceeded What’s your life’s work worth? I believe many of Michael and Alexandra’s clients are junior in time/grade in the military. That being the case, many of the posted reviews are from the perspective of younger Service Members or their parents. As a more ‘seasoned’ Service Member, I have spent over two decades in uniform. That’s when I found my family and my life’s work under attack by false accusations. Highly competent legal representation by Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC was the only way we succeeded in saving both. Bottom line, “NOT GUILTY on all counts” was the truth and it is... read more

    US Army
    29 Sep 2020
  • The fighter He knows what service members go through with the rigged military justice system. Don’t look any where when you find yourself being falsely accused of sexual assault. The prosecutors fear him because he does not back down. He knows all the tricks and lies they use to convict innocent service members. He will fight for you the same way he fought for me. Today am home with my family working a nice job because of him. Don’t talk to investigators please call the Waddington’s before you open your mouth. Thank you Michael and Alex. May God bless y’all. Keep on... read more

    Anonymous 28 Aug 2020
  • Speechless Michael Waddington was a beacon of hope to myself and those whom I care for during a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh or impossible. He was able to defend me from an unjust accusation that involved a mentally unstable woman who claimed that she was sexually assaulted by two individuals that she did not know. The prosecutors put a great amount of effort in accusing me of a crime that I was not guilty of. I was investigated for two years for this false sexual assault allegation in which I... read more

    US Army
    23 Aug 2020
  • Outstanding! Two years ago, I did my consultation with Alexandra I was under investigation for sexual assault by a crazy female that did not even know who her victim was and just wanted media attention, the case seemed almost never-ending. I began calling around asking attorneys what their advice was. Alexandra had answered my phone call and gave me hope that this could go away she instantly took an interest in my case and started helping me while my TDS attorney did literally nothing for 2 years. by talking to her she sounded very educated and confident and concerned I than... read more

    US Army
    15 Aug 2020
  • THE BEST LAWYER EVER! I hired Mr. Waddington back in mid 2019 a few months after finding out I was under investigation for sexual assault. The investigators did a terrible job and were completely bias against me even falsifying information. Near the end of 2019 I was charged with sexual assault, housebreaking and kidnapping without a single piece of evidence. Michael and Alexandra Waddington were the first to see right through the lies that were being told against me by OSI and gave me hope that this wasn't the end of my life. Michael and Alexandra Waddington did way more than just consult me... read more

    US Air Force
    04 Aug 2020
  • SAVED MY LIFE I was charged for 3 sex crimes by the military justice system. Even though I knew I was innocent my military lawyer wanted me to plead guilty. He said the government had all the resources in the world to convince a jury to convict me. I would have dishonorably discharged, lost all my benefits, have to register as a sex offender, and hopefully get a "light" prison sentence. Thank God we found Mr. Waddington to replace that military lawyer. Mr. Waddington was very aggressive attacking the government's case and their witnesses. I was told by the new military lawyer, that... read more

    JMH 15 Jan 2020
  • ABSOLUTELY AWESOME Our son was being charged by the military with a felony sexual charge that would have ruined his career, life, and sent hIm to prison. The government has everything stacked in their favor and it takes an extremely skilled defense attorney to overcome. Michael Waddington is the best attorney you will find to fight the military prosecutors. Michael is not only skilled, professional, and a extremely nice person, he knows how to win. I feel our case was won with his closing argument. In boxing terms, "Mr. Waddington KO the prosecution ". I cannot say enough to show how grateful... read more

    US Air Force
    09 Jan 2020
  • TOP LAWYER IN OUR GENERATION Mr. Waddington is an outstanding person who really cares about his clients! He is by far one of the most educated attorneys who you can depend on. I hired him not knowing what to expect and he exceeded all my expectations while answering any question I had. Mr. Waddington gave me another chance at life And he can give you one too! Without any doubt in my mind you should call for a consultation and find out for yourself that he will attack anything you have going on with confidence.

    Chris 22 Oct 2019
  • O-3 Allegation of Sexual Assault BOI I initially did my consultation with Alex approximately eight months after I was accused by an airman in my squadron of sexual assault. The airman was upset that I broke up with her and she filed an unrestricted report against me, then she also colluded with other females in my squadron to make up other allegations about me. My squadron and wing leadership came down hard on me and they began treating me like a guilty person, without any form of due process. My squadron commander began stacking paperwork against me to aid the JAG with building a case against... read more

    US Air Force
    21 Sep 2019
  • Top Notch O-3 BOI Defense! "Mr. Waddington knows how to step in and take control. We've been communicating on and off about my case for over a year. Sandra and Alex were also amazing and I never felt like I wasn't first priority. At first we were preparing for a court martial for sexual assault, then that got dropped 2 month after I hired the Waddington's. No charges were ever preferred, but I was notified several months later that I would be facing a board of inquiry (BOI) for various misconduct. Without any hesitation, I decided to follow through with having Mr. Waddington fight my... read more

    US Air Force
    21 Sep 2019
  • Impressive Defender "I was accused of Sexual Assault by someone I have known for almost 2 years. We are both in USAF at the same base but different unit. She initiated everything and was in trouble before. We had a relationship that is complicated but others would find that we're together. Had intercourse and next day she reported me. She had motive to fabricate so she could get out of trouble with her command.
    It's been a year since the accusation all began. The suffering and the anguish that I went through impacted how lived. I formed habits just so I could...
    read more

    US Air Force
    30 Jun 2019
  • An outstanding defense! NOT GUILTY!!
    The history of the accusation against me, all the evidence that I gave OSI, and Mr. Waddington's work caliber were all part of my case that resulted of a NOT GUILTY verdict.
    First, I was accused of Sexual Assault a year ago by a girl that I have known for almost 2 years. I was nothing but good to her and she was the one that initiated everything. I was just following along with what she wanted. We had a complicated relationship but a relationship that anyone could tell that we're together. She immediately reported me to SARC...
    read more

    US Air Force
    29 Jun 2019
  • Exceptional attorney Let me start off by saying that if you are ever brought in by cid, ncis, ect. for an investigation do not talk. The only words coming from you at that point is I want to speak with my attorney. The prosecution team are professional liars and can manipulate the truth without consequence. Also if you think your command has your back, dream on. Command will kick you down the road with no regard.Be careful who you speak to while your case is being investigated. This case went on for 17 months, it's a long painful journey. You need someone... read more

    Anonymous 19 May 2019
  • Michael and Alexandra are truly an outstanding law team Michael Waddington did a fantastic job defending my son, a Sr. Airman in a sexual assault case. My son was found not guilty because Michael was able to cross examine the prosecution's witnesses and expose their inconsistencies which led the jury to conclude there was obvious reasonable doubt, The Government (prosecution) was determined to sentence my son. By doing so , he would have been labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life with possibly a 20+ year prison sentence. When the prosecution did it's opening statements, I felt my heart sink to the floor, but when... read more

    US Air Force
    20 Feb 2019
  • Professional and Compassionate Alexandra was amazing throughout the many conversations we had about my son's sexual assault case. She is the wife and law partner of Michael Waddington who represented my son at the trial, but while he was away at other cases. it was Alexandra that answered every single concern. There was a three hour time difference in our locations and she often spoke with me at length well into the evening hours. Her response time to texts and voicemails was simply remarkable. She never made me feel like I was imposing or asking too may questions. Although her husband Michael Waddington... read more

    US Air Force
    20 Feb 2019

Gonzalez & Waddington, LLC

Gonzalez & Waddington defend Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard cases in the US, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Sicily, Europe, Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Cyprus, Korea, Hawaii, Guam, & Japan.
Phone: 1-800-921-8607

We are Leading Authors & Lecturers
on Criminal Defense, Military Sexual Assault Defense, Closing Arguments, & Cross-Examination

Our books on cross-examining forensic experts, sexual assault victims, law enforcement, and witnesses in sexual assault cases are national bestsellers for civilian defense lawyers.

Michael & Alexandra co-authored three of the  leading textbooks on cross-examination:

ALL of these books are used by civilian criminal defense lawyers across the United States as well as Military Sexual Assault Lawyers (civilian and military). 

Many prosecution witnesses see themselves as advocates and members of the prosecution team. Some witnesses will do whatever is necessary to win and send the defendant to prison, irregardless of guilt or innocence. This may include lying, exaggerating, and misstating facts and science. These books were written for criminal defense lawyers on the front lines in the war on sexual assault. They contain pattern questions that will help dominate prosecution witnesses and level the playing field.

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Kick-Ass Closings: A Guide to Giving the Best Closing Argument of Your Life

Our bestselling book, Kick-Ass Closings, is a powerful resource for new and experienced criminal defense lawyers, so they can deliver devastating closing arguments with minimal prep time. This book provides a simple and straightforward template that can be used in any criminal trial and hundreds of sample closing arguments that can be crafted to fit the facts of your case.  Click here to read more.

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We Teach Civilian and Military Defense Lawyers Across the USA How to Win Cases

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Compare our results with any military defense lawyers anywhere in the world – military or civilian.

What you’re up against
in court-martial cases
and why you need
experienced military defense lawyers

We fight court-martial cases throughout the United States, Europe (Germany, Naples, AvianoItaly, Rota, Spain, Sicily, England, Signonella, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Cyprus, Greenland, and Turkey), the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain), and the Pacific (South Korea, Hawaii, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam). 

We represent military clients that are under investigation by CID, OSI, and NCIS, with the objective of avoiding criminal charges.

If you’re facing an Article 120 military sexual assault allegations in the military justice system or falsely accused of military sexual assault, the deck is stacked against you. The prosecution has virtually unlimited resources and all the attorneys and paralegals it needs to work toward imprisoning you for the maximum sentence. Defendants feel helpless, scared, and overwhelmed. They feel like a guilty plea is their only option, which is exactly what the prosecution wants.

A guilty plea should only be a last resort. It should only be entered with the competent representation of qualified counsel who has your best interest at heart. Even when there’s that a chance a defendant can prove his or her innocence, it’s not uncommon for military or civilian defense attorneys to instead enter a guilty plea.

Select Your Military Court Martial Lawyer With Care
Or Become Another Statistic

With a conviction rate of more than 90% in the military justice system, and 95% of people convicted being stripped of their rank and benefits, discharged, and imprisoned, selecting the best defense attorney couldn’t be more critical.

When choosing a defense lawyer, military or civilian, ask them:

  • How many years have you been a criminal defense lawyer? (20-30 years as a military defense lawyer is better than 5-10)
  • To describe the last 20 trials they defended, as lead counsel.
  • Were they jury trials?
  • Was there a discharge?
  • How many were acquittals?

Then call our military defense lawyers to discuss your options.

Here’s what you’ll be up against and why you need fearless civilian military attorneys in your corner.

The prosecution will use every tactic they can to manipulate all aspects of a case and thwart the defendant’s ability to mount an adequate defense.

Prosecutors offer witnesses favors, plea deals, and immunity as long as they say what they’re asked to help win a case.

Even requests to use the same experts as used by the prosecution are often denied. It is critical to select an attorney with the experience and skill to win a case without defense experts, if needed. Our firm teaches other lawyers how to attack and discredit prosecution experts.

This tactic uses as many charges as possible to leave defendants little choice but to plead guilty. It is not uncommon to see court-martial charge sheets that are three pages long with the same charge repeated in different ways.

They are all working to find any and all information about you. Investigators often lose, overlook, or misplace evidence that helps the defense. Prosecutors and law enforcement will twist favorable facts and use them against you at trial.

They are trained in shady interrogation tactics, and they’re good at it. Investigators will try to get away with as many sneaky tactics as a defense lawyer allows. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer who knows the tricks of the trade and can use them to your advantage.

From the Judge to the jury, defendants are outranked. That includes the Chief of Military Justice (the Convening Authority that decides if a defendant will face a court-martial and picks the jury), the Staff Judge Advocate, preliminary hearings officers, and your assigned military lawyer. That’s why an aggressive military defense lawyer who’s not subject to rank is critical to a winning defense.

But to many SJAs, “justice” means getting a conviction, a discharge, and the toughest sentence possible. As the prosecutor’s boss, the SJA isn’t concerned about your freedom or your family’s welfare. They just want a conviction. They will bully prosecutors and your own defense attorneys alike to get it. Even when preliminary hearing officers find facts that don’t support bringing charges, some SJA offices still proceed to trial.

The prosecution is allowed to call any witnesses they desire without informing the defense of what those witnesses will say. But the defense must disclose exactly what its witnesses will say and what role their testimonies will play. Some judges require the defense to disclose even more details, revealing the entire defense strategy. In high profile cases, military defense lawyers face incredible pressure to plead guilty.


If you want a fair shot in the military justice system, you need the best court martial attorneys in your corner to even the odds.

If you want a fair shot in the military justice system,
you need the best court martial attorneys in your corner to even the odds.

Military Sexual Assault Lawyers

As criminal defense lawyers who have defended service members around the world in both court-martial cases and administrative separation boards,
Michael Waddington and Alexandra González-Waddington are known for being aggressive, fearless and hard-hitting.
Despite overwhelming odds, our firm has successfully defended cases in Korea, Japan, Iraq, Kuwait, and other cities around the world.
Our court-martial defense lawyers have a history of winning cases at trial, so prosecutors take them seriously.

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