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Military Sexual Assault Lawyer Tips

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I’ve Been Falsely Accused of Military Sexual Assault: What Should I Do?

Criminal defense lawyer, Michael Waddington, discusses what you should do if you or a loved one are falsely accused of military sexual assault, military rape under Article 120 UCMJ, or any sex crime in the military.

A false allegation of sexual assault in the military is simply devastating – a nightmare scenario for anyone and something for which no one can prepare. Unfortunately, there are many situations and circumstances that can lead to this horrible scenario. If you’re accused of a sex crime that you did not commit, you will want to protect yourself in any way possible. However, talking to the police or ironing things out with the complaining witness isn’t something you should take on yourself. You need to immediately contact an experienced attorney.

What should I do if my son is accused of a crime?

Your Son or Daughter is Wrongly Accused of a Military Crime?

How to Get the Best Outcome

I want to talk about what you should do if you’re a parent, and your son, or daughter, is accused of a crime.

Now, if it’s a serious crime, like a military sexual assault, a murder, or a hit and run, then you need to get a lawyer on your side immediately. What you should not do is micromanage your son or daughter’s case. Let the lawyer do their job. You are going to be stressed. Being stressed is natural.

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Hire the best court-martial lawyers possible

It is stressful to have a child go through a criminal investigation but rest assured that if you have the best legal team on your side, they will be following up on leads, talking to witnesses, and preserving evidence. In addition, they’ll be guiding your son or daughter in a way that will put them in the best position possible.

Don’t interfere with the investigation or the case.

It would be best not to talk to your son or daughter and spin up their version of events. But, unfortunately, it happens all the time, where the parents get involved and start coming up with these defense theories. Let the lawyers discuss things with you after they’ve been able to investigate and collect the evidence. Leave the possible theories of defense to the military defense lawyers and try not to meddle in the investigation, witness interviews, case strategy, or any other aspects of the defense.

Parental interference can make winning at court-martial more difficult.

What happens often is the parents will get involved and say things like, “Oh, this victim is a terrible person, and my son would never do something like that.” The son hears the parents say that, and then in an attempt to appease the parents, they will say, “Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. I never did anything like that.” Sometimes they might even tell the police, “No, I never touched that girl. Never touch that woman,” when the truth of the matter is that they did have sex with the alleged victim.

The best defense possible should leave options open.

They were maybe involved in having an affair, or perhaps they had sex with an intoxicated person. Having sex with someone who drank alcohol does not mean that they raped the person. There are defenses to false accusations. Let the lawyers gather the facts and gather the evidence before you lock yourself into a story, and you get your son or daughter spun up on a defense theory that is not valid.

Let the military defense lawyers do their job.

The main thing that you can do, and you can do for your son or daughter, if they are accused of a military crime, is to focus on what you can control. You can’t control what the investigators or police do. You can’t control what people say about you on the internet or what they say about your son or daughter. You can’t control what people think. However, you can control how you react to those things. Set your focus on being disciplined and controlling yourself.

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Be Prepared for the Worst: The Ultimate Defense Guide

Focus on staying mentally and emotionally strong.

Another thing you can control is who you bring in on your team. Think about all the celebrities that get accused of crimes. Do they show up with a public defender? Never. What they do is show up with a team of the best lawyers possible.

What if I am wrongly accused of a military crime? How can I get the best outcome?

Suppose your son or daughter is facing a military investigation. In that case, the best thing you can do is get an Attorney that has experience defending the type of case that your son or daughter is involved in. Find the best military defense attorney that you can. That should be enough.

Military sexual assault allegations are devastating

When your loved one is falsely accused of a military crime, such as sexual assault, rape, abusive sexual contact, or aggravated sexual assault, it is essential to get the best court-martial defense lawyers possible. Hiring the best military defense attorneys will help you to get the best outcome. You need to have a defense lawyer who can defend your case and help protect your rights. We will be discussing how to find an attorney, what types of cases they specialize in, and how this can affect your outcome!

Have you been accused of a crime? Do you know what to do if this happens?

If the answer is no, then it’s time for some advice. The best court-martial lawyers can take action to lessen the consequences or even get an acquittal. The first thing to remember is not to say anything in front of law enforcement without a lawyer present. Refusing to speak to military law enforcement without a lawyer is common sense. However, many people make this mistake because they’re scared and want answers immediately. As a result, they may unknowingly admit guilt before their lawyer can come in and offer counsel on how best to proceed with the case. Failing to tell your side of the story right away will only serve as more evidence against you later in court!

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The best military defense attorneys can guide you.

You should also make sure you have the best military defense attorneys on your side. Your military lawyer will help strategize legal defenses, advise you and your family member, and investigate the case. In addition, they can help you with military rules and regulations. Finally, a military lawyer can deal with prosecutors and stop military law enforcement such as CID, OSI, NCIS, MPI, and CGIS from harassing your loved one.

The best court-martial lawyers know the system.

A skilled court-martial lawyer can leverage their experience to get your loved one the best outcome possible. The more information your court-martial defense lawyers have from the start, the better off you will be later! Finally, it’s important not to plead guilty quickly. If you plead guilty to a crime, the repercussions will be much more severe than if you can take your case to trial and get an acquittal.

What if I am wrongfully accused of a military sexual assault?

If you are wrongly accused of a crime, and to get the best outcome for your case, it is important to consult with a defense lawyer. A criminal defense attorney knows who to contact on behalf of their client when they get hired. First, the best military lawyers will immediately contact the accused’s chain of command.

Then, the lawyers will contact the military JAG prosecutors assigned to the case and the military investigators investigating the allegations. This notification puts the JAG prosecution, the command, and military law enforcement on notice that your family member has a lawyer. From that point forward, all contact will be with the accused’s lawyers.

Military prosecutors will try to stop the statute of limitations.

It is important to know that if you are falsely accused of a crime, the statute of limitations varies depending on what crime it was allegedly committed. To get an accurate timeline for your case, consult with a lawyer about this matter as soon as possible. It will also help them determine how best to defend you in court.

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What if I am wrongly accused of a military offense?

What if I am wrongly accused of a military crime? How can I get the best outcome for my case? If someone accuses me, it is important to contact a military criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for an initial meeting. Do not speak with law enforcement or the prosecutor’s office.

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