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Saved my life The Waddington’s saved my life! If I would have used a military appointed “TDS” attorney I would have been in jail. The military lawyer told me without even reviewing the case to take a plea deal. As soon as Michael got on board he handled everything professionally and timely! The quality of work this family puts into a case is unparalleled! Michael ensured I got the fairest possible trial with all the proper legal defense I was entitled to. He advised me every step of the way. Michael exposed all the corruption and lies from CID the prosecutors and my command team as well as the person who made the allegations against me. No stone was left unturned! Don’t chance it with the military they will lie and lie and lie and get you thrown in jail. Call Michael immediately and sleep easy at night knowing that the Waddington’s are on it! Outstanding professional no nonsense down to earth people and even better attorneys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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US Army
28 Aug 2023
A defense attorney that will even the odds I'm an active duty Army 1LT and I was wrongfully charged with two counts of Sexual Assault on a fellow Officer. I knew the odds were seriously stacked against me and the situation seemed truly hopeless. At first, I was hesitant to retain the Waddingtons given the cost of their representation but I ultimately decided on hiring Michael and his wife Alexandra for their legal services. This decision proved to be the best I have ever made. I was found not guilty of both charges and was fully acquitted. It is clear that both Michael and his wife truly care about their clients and will take the time to ensure you are prepared for your court-marshal. I believe their experience and professionalism made the difference in my case and I am confident I wouldn't be writing this review had I solely went with TDS alone. They truly gave me a second chance at life and I would recommend them to anyone facing felony charges in the military. Don't gamble with your future. You don't want to look back on this decision wondering if things would have been different had you hired this team.
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US Army
15 Nov 2022
Second Chance
Let me start by saying that I was falsely accused of sexual assault by this crazy lady. My old CSM gave me the best advice at the moment; he told me to seek a civilian attorney and not talk to CID. The whole process was completed in 17 months. Charges were preferred at around 12 months. I immediately called Mr. and Mrs. Waddington.
Once they decided to take on my case, I was happy because I believed I had a fighting chance against the US government. I saved all my messages between me and this crazy lazy and sent Mr. and Mrs. Waddington everything to show her erratic behavior. I hired one attorney, but I gained two exceptional attorneys. The Army issued me a TDS attorney a week before my Article 32 hearing which we waived. TDS attorney PCS two months before the trial date, I was assigned another TDS lawyer, and she was terrific. Now my legal was set, and I know it will be a battle. The Government dropped evidence on our lap 30 days out. Mr. Waddington called me. I explain my side of the story. The whole time Mr. and Mrs. Waddington treated me with dignity and respect and believed in my truth, always finding a way to make me feel at ease.
Once again, my case went on for 17 months; it was a long, painful journey. You need someone like Mr. and Mrs. Waddington to represent you in this biased military justice system (UCMJ). The Government had every intention of trying to convict me of something I did not do, especially in this War against sexual assault. Mr. and Mrs. Waddington flew to Germany a week before the Trial, and we prepared to fight. The night before the Trial, this liar changes her story in version five. From the open statement, witness cross-examination to the closing statement, Mr. Waddington is FANTASTIC. The Army had their most senior and best on the case; however, Mr. Waddington was outclassed and outmatched; it was not even close.
Mr. Waddington caught this lady on every lie while on the stand. He asked the right questions and argued only relevant things. The Government did not present a CID agent, Amberg police, DNA evidence, or any experts; let's not forget a video that was missing the first five minutes. The prosecutor says members of the Jury, all these things are irrelevant. We don't want to waste your guy's time presenting this nonsense.
The truth came out in the courtroom, and after four hours of waiting on deliberation, NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!! I stood in the position of attention and cried so hard for 17 months, and it was over on the day of my 17th year in the Army; Mr. and Mrs. Waddington gave me a second chance at life. To end this, the military could care less if you get accused of anything. Their goal is to get a conviction. Don't hesitate to call The Waddington's. It will be money well spent; I promise you will make that money.
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US Army
28 Sep 2022
Best Defense Lawyer. Period! Best Defense Lawyers. Period.
I first contacted Mr. Michael Waddington and Mrs. Alexandria Waddington in September of 2021 right after my Command started an investigation into the CMEO report that was filed by a junior of mine. I first spoke with Mrs. Waddington and she advised me to make no statement and to retain them once charges were formally made. My Command however, conducted three investigations over the span of 5 months. During this time I was promoted, and then after the last and final investigation it nearly sealed the deal on my career, resulting in my Commanding Officer removing my hard earned promotion administratively and giving me two adverse evaluations. All of this was based on the investigation and the CO’s subsequent “Loss of Confidence.” The Command sent me TAD to the next higher Command while I waited to receive punishment. That day I called and retained the Waddington’s. Through multiple attempts my Command failed to return any correspondence to my counsel as to why for 3 whole months this had happened. I waited and desperately wanted to know what I was officially accused of since everything had been so quiet. I finally received notice of the investigation findings. They were heavily biased opinions stated as fact, fabricated stories and statements, significant questions as to why individuals were not questioned by the Investigating Officer. These all later proved to aid Mr. Michael Waddington into dismantling their whole case one character witness at a time. I refused NJP and then elected to do Courts-Martial and was subsequently given an Administrative Separation Board.
I was completely unsure how this whole case would play out. My JAG assured me I was in good hands. Mr. Waddington was clearly in his element while arguing my case to the board. During that opening statement I knew right then and there that I definitely made the right choice to retain them. You can compare him to the side of the prosecution, but it wouldn’t be fair. The prosecution was clearly out matched. Their case was feeble, and if logic prevailed we would be victorious. The prosecution called no witnesses, submitted no further evidence, and Michael called them out on it. Even after multiple attempts to contact witnesses who made statements against me the Command and that witness made no attempt to communicate with the Waddington’s or show up to my board as requested. This didn’t look good for the prosecution. We submitted multiple character statements and called forth witnesses in person and via phone. Each witness questioned by Mr. Waddington showed more of my side of the story, and dismantled their case before I had even taken the stand.
At Michael’s request I took the stand. I was confident, and ready to explain and answer any question. I did so and through my testimony the story was set straight. I finished testifying and the prosecution's closing statement was so outshined by Mr. Waddington’s closing statement you completely forgot what the prosecution had said.. He is THE CLOSER. We left the room and the board deliberated for less than 30 minutes with a finding of NO MISCONDUCT. That was a great feeling.
I am extremely glad and thankful I chose the Waddington’s to defend me, my career, and my future. If you need representation look no further. I would definitely seek their counsel in the future, and would refer them to anyone who would need their counsel. If you know you're innocent, the Military will punish you first and ask questions later. Hit them hard, and keep what is yours!
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US Navy
13 Aug 2022
The Truth Uncovered Mr. Waddington‘s attention to detail and thoroughness overly exceeded our initial expectations. From the very beginning, Mr. Waddington displayed the highest level of integrity and genuinely cared about his client; our son. His experience and skill in defending these type of sexual assault cases became very apparent and comforting as he gathered, compiled, and studied the facts of the case. Mr. Waddington‘s defense was so compelling that the prosecution in our son’s case did not even present evidence in the General Court Martial. His knowledge preparation and genius are second to none. We trusted him with the most precious thing in our lives; our son. The stakes were extremely high and Mr. Waddington came through in the most impressive way.
We give thanks to God for his mighty deeds done in and through Mr. Waddington and his entire defense team. He turned our mourning into dancing.
We highly recommend Mr. Waddington as a defense attorney.
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US Army
18 Jun 2022
Mr. Waddington saved my career I was falsely accused of abusive sexual contact while attending a military service academy. The investigation started the summer before my final year. During this time, I was in a very dark place. Although my commission and graduation were in jeopardy, I did not tell my parents until the holiday break.
My parents wanted to look outside the military for a quality defense lawyer. We spoke with New York law firms and some lawyers we found online. We decided to hire Gonzalez and Waddington.
A few other reviews mentioned that the Waddington’s were expensive. However, they were much less expensive than the New York lawyers that we talked to. They also had much more experience than the other law firms we interviewed. A few New York lawyers quoted my family over $150,000 for a trial, plus expenses. The Waddington firm cost much less, which surprised us a little. Trust me; they were well worth it.
At first, I had faith in the system. Then, I realized the investigators assumed I was guilty when they did not interview many people who were favorable to me. When I heard from my friends that the investigators were trying to get my classmates to change their testimony, I knew they were gunning for me.
After we hired them, Mr. Waddington worked closely with me to build a timeline, collect evidence, and assemble a list of witnesses. They gave me "homework," which kept me active and engaged in my case. When I called, they listened to me and gave me hope. I could tell that they cared about me and my situation.
Mr. Waddington explained that I was a key witness, so I documented as many details as possible. He guided me through the process, working together to build my defense.
We decided to keep critical information hidden (texts, photos, statements) from the prosecution until the right time. Instead, we captured as much evidence as possible to use later.
When the time came, Mr. Waddington used the information we gathered with great skill. He exposed the lies and holes in the prosecutor's case. Finally, the Waddington's cleared my name and reputation.
Thankfully, I was commissioned and am on my way to a successful career. I owe my life and career to Michale and Alexandra. My family is forever grateful.
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US Army
15 Jun 2022
Justice Was Served Mr. Waddington and his team are a true powerhouse duo! I was facing three charges: Article 120, w/2x specifications, Article 128b, w/2x specifications, and Article 128, w/1x specification. All these charges combined was enough jail time for two lifetimes. I knew I needed a professional with experience under the laws of the UCMJ. My ex-wife is a master manipulator. She convinced several officers, OSI agents, adult protective services, child protective services and her entire prosecution team they had a solid case moving forward.
Mr. Waddington helped me gather and analyze information that supported the case. His thinking outside the box created new ways to relay information to the court. Waddington and González have extensive knowledge in dealing with Article 120 cases and their skill ensured the outcome was favorable. They recommended and hired key experienced doctors to examine evidence providing critical insight to the lies and manipulation being alleged.
Three days into the court martial the prosecution realized based on the extensive evidence we compiled that it was in the best interest of my ex-wife to tell the truth before she severely perjured herself on the stand. My ex-wife decided not to participate resulting in all charges being dismissed.
Waddington and González's professional team have given me the opportunity to finish my last couple years in the Air Force and to retire without any repercussions to my career. Thanks to Mr. Waddington and his team justice was served. He saved my life.
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US Air Force
05 Jun 2022
NOT GUILTY! Lt Col w/23 years sent to a General Court Martial for positive Urinalysis, do not fight this battle alone! I was facing 2 counts of UCMJ 112a, being a convicted felon, up to 10 years in prison and a dismissal. When I was arrested, I was completely shocked and knew that I needed counsel and not to say anything, but that was the extent of my knowledge. I had never been in trouble and now I am being told, I will lose everything. I am a single parent, facing not only losing my retirement, but my VA benefits, even my house. I did my research, took a long look at everything I could find, I didn’t want a good lawyer, I wanted the very best lawyer there is. When comparing up to $4 million in retirement benefits and paying up to $50,000 to have your life back, you do not “skimp” on getting good enough. You get the absolute most experienced, best trial council there is, that is Michael Waddington.
The government only needs probably cause to take you to a general court martial, a positive urinalysis is that probable cause. I did not hire Mr. Waddington to find me a plea deal, I hired Mr. Waddington because he is the very best trial defense lawyer there is. There was not a close second that I found. He is routinely ranked in the top 100 lawyers in the country, he has defended more federal cases, actually fought it out in court, than anyone I could find. Do not take being charged by the government lightly. The government has unlimited resources and time. Do not try to beat the government alone, get someone who will fight for you, someone who does this job only for service members, get someone with honor and integrity, get Michael Waddington. Everyone wants to win, I was more concerned about that than how, but Michael Waddington did it above board, by the book, with integrity and defended me in a way that impressed the prosecution, the judge and the 8 Colonels on the panel. Michael is an honest person, an excellent lawyer, and someone you will never regret hiring. He is one of the good guys, trust him completely, he will not let you down. After 24 years of service, I am going to retire honorably and get to watch my kids grow up and I owe it to Michael Waddington.
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US Air Force
21 May 2022

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