Cross-Examination Techniques – Part 1

Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination

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Cross-Examination Techniques Videos Cross-Examination Sample Questions:

Michael Waddington is a criminal defense lawyer, Cross-examination expert, best-selling author on cross-examination techniques, and a trial consultant that defends cases worldwide. Mr. Waddington specializes in defending serious criminal cases including sex crimes, war crimes, military sex crimes, violent crimes, and white-collar crimes.

9 Techniques for Controlling Difficult Witnesses on Cross-Examination:

  • Technique 1: Repeat the question.
  • Technique 2: Repeat twice and then reverse.
  • Technique 3: So, your answer to my question (insert question) is “Yes/No?”
  • Technique 4: True or false.
  • Technique 5: Perhaps I did not make myself clear.
  • Technique 6: Did you hear the question I asked? What was it? What is your answer to that question?
  • Technique 7: There are lots of things you want to tell the jury?
  • Technique 8: Does something prevent you from answering yes or no?
  • Technique 9: Are you finished yet?

To maintain witness control, you must ask good questions and follow these rules:

    1. Prepare and have your impeachment resources available (prior statements, learned treatises, journal articles, etc.);
    2. Remain calm and unemotional;
    3. Do not answer questions posed to you by the expert (they are the ones testifying, not you);
    4. Ask only leading questions;
    5. Insert only one new fact per question;
    6. Break cross-examinations into logical progressions towards specific goals;
    7. Gain and maintain witness control;
  1. LISTEN to their answer. If they dodge the question, DO NOT MOVE ON or REPHRASE!;
  2. Do not back down until the witness answers the question you asked; and
  3. Potty train the witness.

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He also teaches lawyers across the USA how to effectively cross-examine hostile witnesses and win trials. He has taught thousands of lawyers how to deliver closing arguments, powerful opening statements, and

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His bestselling book, The Art of Trial Warfare, I a legal strategy guide that is used by trial lawyers across the USA and taught at various law schools as part of their trial advocacy curriculum.

Cross-examination techniques

Michael Waddington has been reported on and quoted by hundreds of major media sources worldwide and has provided consultation services to CNN Investigative Reports, 60 Minutes, Katie Couric, ABC’s “Nightline,” the BBC, German Public Television, CNN, CBS, the 2010-2012 Golden Globe-winning TV series “The Good Wife,” and various other international media outlets.

We wrote several textbooks with cross-examination techniques and cross-examination question examples for a variety of fact patterns.

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Michael & his law partner, Alexandra, wrote some of the best-selling books on cross-examination techniques, sexual assault defense, trial strategy, and closing arguments. All of our books contain closing argument samples and cross-examination questions examples.

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