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Hundreds of Closing Arguments Examples

Powerful Closing Argument Samples from some of America’s Best Trial Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyer Michael Waddington, discusses his new book, Kick-Ass Closings: A Guide to Giving the Best Closing Argument of Your Life. The book is packed with sample closing arguments from criminal trials.

Kick-Ass Closings is a powerful resource for new and experienced criminal defense lawyers, so they can deliver devastating closing arguments with minimal prep time. This book provides a simple and straightforward template that can be used in any criminal trial and hundreds of sample closing arguments that can be crafted to fit the facts of your case.

This Book Will Teach You How to Give a Closing Argument from Start to Finish

Used properly, this book can save you time, and increase the power and effectiveness of your closing arguments. More importantly, it will help save lives, and protect the freedom of those whom we defend.

This Closing Arguments Book Contains Hundreds of Sample Closing Arguments:

• 310 closing argument examples from dozens of jury trials.

• Sample closing arguments made by legendary lawyers such as Johnnie Cochran, Thomas Mesereau, Mark Geragos, Mark O’Mara, Jose Baez, Barry Scheck, Clarence Darrow, Michael Waddington, Timothy Bilecki, James A.H. Bell, Brian Bieber, Cheney Mason, Jerome Buting, Eric Romano, Ian Friedman, Dean Strang, Robert Casale, Gerry Spence, and Paul Bergrin.

Closing argument examples from the high-profile trials of O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony, Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, George Zimmerman, Steven Avery, and the Iron Triangle Murders.

• Dozens of Quotes & Parables that can help drive the point home.

• Charts and diagrams that visually demonstrate closing summation concepts such as Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Mistake of Fact, Self-defense, and others.

• A handy table of contents to help you quickly find a winning closing argument.

Samples of the Best Closing Argument Topics, Including:

• Reasonable Doubt & Burden Shifting
• Circumstantial Evidence
• Lack of Corroboration
• Overreaching, Corrupt, & Cynical Prosecutors
• Justice
• Liars, Credibility, Snitches, Demeanor
• Racial Prejudice
• Forensics, Experts, & Contamination
• Biased, Corrupt & Incompetent Investigators
• Coerced Statements
• Legal Defenses: Self Defense, Mistake of Fact, Entrapment, Alibi, and others
• Crimes: Sexual Assault, Violent Crimes, Online Sex Stings, and others
• Shutting Down the Prosecution’s Rebuttal ArgumentUcmjarticle120454 Gonzalez &Amp; Waddington - Attorneys At Law

Praise for Kick-Ass Closings

“Kick-Ass Closings should be mandatory for every law student who wants to call her or himself a trial lawyer. Practicing lawyers will find the stories and insights great food for thought and non-lawyers will love it as it gives a keen insight into both the art and science of presenting to and persuading people.”
-Mark O’Mara, O’Mara Law Group

“Phenomenal resource for lawyers young and old! When you know a not guilty is within reach – the wisdom in this book will inspire and guide you to giving the best closing of your life!”
-Brian Bieber, GrayRobinson, P.A.

“We aren’t in class anymore! Kick-Ass Closings is written from the trenches, by trial lawyers who actually try cases, and win. If you want to be a closer, you need this book.”
-Tim Bilecki, Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC

“This work defines the structure, the content, the interplay of other aspects of the trial, and the means by which successful lawyers maintain their champions of justice status. Simply put, own and use this great collection – your skill level will increase exponentially.”
-James A.H. Bell, The Law Offices of James A.H. Bell

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