Dyess Air Force Base, Texas

Dyess Air Force Base in Texas is located near Abilene and hosts the 7-Bomb Wing. The wing is assigned to the Air Combat Command 12-Air Force. The Dyess AFB was organized in the 1940s as Abilene Army Air Base which was named to honor Lieutenant Colonel William Dyess. The name was changed to Dyess AFB in 1956. The 7-BW conducts combat training with the Lancer Bomber. It is the Air Force’s major operational B-1B unit with thirty-six aircraft.

In 1993, the 7- BW was activated at Dyess AFB. The Lancer and Hercules were integrated. Presently the wing is the AF premier operational B-1B unit after giving control of Hercules to Air Mobility Command. 7- BW is assigned to 12-Air Force at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. It has many units to support logistic, operations, medical, and support functions. It is also host to thirteen associate units.

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