The crime scene :

— visit the scene. As soon as possible. Arrange notice from command/CID upon allegation of sexual assault; should allow arrival at actual scene; visit even if scene has been released; recall that CID owns the scene; JAG can only suggest area of investigation

–document everything;

-photos of all rooms, state of furniture, clothes; include all places of contact betw/ victim & offender, not only scene of the assault; take photos even if time has elapsed! [creates physical evidence for the panel to
take into deliberations]

– diagram all relevant areas

– return to scenes with victim, if she is willing, post-interview (or as part of Cognitive Interview context
reinstatement); her perspective is invaluable; verbal misunderstandings are often cleared by details of the

– could others hear, or is it noisy? What were the sight lines? Is the area effectively remote from safety?

-scene visit provides an opportunity for wide range of sensory & visual cues to re-create at trial. Chance
to photograph from exact viewpoint of victim. Taking witnesses to scene has same advantages.

Our Lawyers Defend False Sexual Assault Allegations

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