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The Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, previously known as the Midwest Air Depot, is located near Oklahoma City. The installation was renamed in 1948 to honor Major General Clarence L. Tinker. The base headquarters is the OCALC (Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center) and houses hosting unit, 72nd ABW (Air Base Wing). Other units include the 76th MW (Maintenance Wing), 38th Cyberspace Engineering Group, DDDO (Defense Distribution Depot Oklahoma), 552nd ACW (Air Control Wing), 507th ARW (Air Refueling Wing) and more. There are over 26,000 military service members and personnel on Tinker AFB.

OCALC provides maintenance, support, services, supply chain management and information support for weapon systems, air force bases, foreign nations and commands. The 72nd ABW which is the base’s hosting wing provides services and support for OCALC, retirees, associate organizations, and dependents. The wing was established in 1941 and has earned awards for flying the RB36, B52, and KC135 Aircraft. There are three groups assigned to the wing, including medical, mission support, and operations.

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