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The Moody Air Force Base in Georgia was named Valdosta Airfield in September of 1941 and renamed during the same year as Moody Army Airfield. In January of 1948, the airfield was named Moody AFB. The airfield was named in honor of Major George Putnam Moody who died during a flight test at the Wichita Army Airfield in Kansas. Moody AFB contains the 23rd Wing and 93rd AGOW (Air Ground Operations Wing).

The 23rd Wing organizes, employs and trains aircraft and flight crew members with over 6,000 military and personnel. Three groups are assigned to the wing, including the 23rd Fighter, 347th Rescue and 563rd Rescue. The 23rd Fighter Group consists of the 74th Fighter, 75th Fighter, and 23rd Operations Support Squadron units. The 347th Rescue Group includes the 38th Rescue, 41st Rescue, 71st Rescue, and 347th Operations Support Squadron units. 563rd Rescue Group is responsible for six squadrons; the 48th Rescue, 55th Rescue, 79th Rescue, 563rd Operations Support, 58th Rescue and 66th Rescue.

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