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The Robins Air Force Base in Georgia is a military station close to Warner Robins. The base was established and built in 1942 as the Georgia Air Depot and was renamed Warner Robins Army Air Depot during the same year. In 1948, the installation was named Robbins AFB and housed the 14th AF. The base houses the WRALC (Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex) that manages aircraft, missiles, avionics, engines, and components.

Robins AFB contains hosting unit, 78th ABW (Air Base Wing), 78th ABW (Air Base Wing), 330th ASW (Aircraft Sustainment Wing), 402nd MW (Maintenance Wing), 542nd CSW (Combat Sustainment Wing), and tenant units. The WRALC repairs and overhauls aircraft, such as the F15, C-130, and C-5. The unit manages the U2 Dragon Lady, helicopters, and operations aircraft. The 78th ABW is assigned two groups; mission support and civil engineer. There are three squadrons; operations support, comptroller, and security forces.

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