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Famous False Sexual Assault Allegations in Modern Times

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False sexual assault allegations, reports and convictions occur much more often than people think.

Doctor George Rekers False Sexual Assault Allegations

The first false sexual assault allegation that comes to mind was in 1991. A doctor named George Rekers, who is a prominent leader in the anti-gay movement and founder of the Family Research Council (FRC), had been accused of molesting a male escort whom he hired to go on vacation with him. This accusation came out shortly after Rekers obliged to a request by the Miami Beach police department, who wanted him to participate in an anti-pedophile campaign. He was one of their most vocal and active supporters until he was accused of being a pedophile himself.

Our Lawyers Defend False Sexual Assault Allegations

The second false assault allegation that comes to mind happened in 2007 when Tennessee basketball player DeAndre Jones falsely alleged that his coach was raping him. In this case, Jones made a report to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services and admitted in an interview with police that he made the story up because he was “tired of being coached.”

J.D. Vance False Sexual Assault Allegations

The third false sexual assault allegation that comes to mind is more recent – it happened last week when The New Yorker published its exposé on acclaimed author and 2020 presidential candidate, J.D. Vance. Sarah Smarsh is the woman who accused him of sexual assault in college – she says that when they were both students at Yale University, he raped her one night while they had been drinking heavily together in his dorm room. Smarsh’s accusation was picked up by The New Yorker, which published her story on the heels of Vance’s announcement that he was running for President. The article also quotes Smarsh as saying: “I had always been honest about what happened to me with J.D., and when I saw his face filling up my TV screen I felt a sense of relief thinking it would be easier than trying to tell my story to a reporter.” But as it turns out, the opposite was true. Not only did Vance deny that he had ever been in contact with Smarsh since their college days; but after more investigation by reporters and lawyers on both sides, many contradictions were found in her account of what happened between them back then – including allusions to a previous sexual relationship between them, and that Smarsh had once been disciplined by Yale for making an allegation of rape against someone else.

Ashton Kutcher False Sexual Assault Allegations

Ucmjarticle120161 Gonzalez &Amp; Waddington - Attorneys At Law The fourth false sexual assault allegation that comes to mind was when actor Ashton Kutcher falsely accused his girlfriend Mila Kunis’s ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting her. This happened during their break up in 2011. Kutcher had been reading a magazine article about the prevalence of false accusations in instances of sexual assault when he came across an unrelated story that mentioned Kunis’s former boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin. Kutcher then tweeted: “Dude who cares what you think? I’m with Mila and we’re happy,” wrote Ashton to his then-fiancé’s ex. “It was a joke to nip something in the bud before it went any further.” Kutcher later deleted that tweet, but not before the media picked up on it and reported about his decision to accuse Culkin of sexual assault for no good reason – because he wasn’t happy with Kunis at that time, and he wanted to restore his image in the public eye by accusing her ex-boyfriend of doing something wrong.

Michael Fassbender  False Sexual Assault Allegations

The fifth false sexual assault allegation that comes to mind was when a woman filed a complaint against actor Michael Fassbender for sexual assault. The issue with this case is that she had been trying to get him removed from an award nomination list.

Jeremy Piven False Sexual Assault Allegations

The sixth false sexual assault allegation that comes to mind was when a woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by actor Jeremy Piven – this happened in October of 2017, after an unidentified 38-year old woman filed a police report with the NYPD’s Special Victims Division and told them that he had groped her breast while they were taking their photo together at a party. Piven was accused of sexual assault and later cleared by the NYPD because he had taken this photo with many other people, so it couldn’t be determined that he committed an act of sexual misconduct just from looking at the photograph evidence alone. What made this particular incident more suspicious is when we found out that the woman who made this accusation had filed a previous false allegation of sexual assault against an unnamed actor in March of 2018 – and she was also behind a smear campaign at that time, too.

False Sexual Assault Allegations are Common in the Military As Well

So as you can see there are many cases where people falsely accuse someone else of sexually assaulting them for various reasons – but what’s important to remember is that false allegations are a common problem, which can be caused by many reasons. One of the most important things to remember about these cases – as well as any other instance where someone accuses another person of committing sexual assault and it’s later determined that this accusation was untrue – is how difficult it must have been for them when they found out that the person they accused of sexually assaulting them was innocent. It’s important to talk about this issue in detail because false sexual assault allegations can have a huge impact on people, and also on how we perceive actual instances where someone is assaulted by another individual. Military Defense Lawyers can help with your False Sexual Assault Allegations
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