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Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina is a military installation that was organized and built in 1942 as Seymour Johnson Field. The field prepared men and officers for duty overseas. The field also provided cadets military training to become technical officers in the AAC (Army Air Corps). The field closed for a period of time and reopened as the Seymour Johnson AFB in 1956. Seymour Johnson AFB contains the 4th FW (Fighter Wing), 916th ARW (Air Refueling Wing), and the 414th FG (Fighter Group).

The 4th FW is the base’s host unit and has multiple roles including; providing global aircraft deployment, staff to execute missions of combat and logistical support. The unit is responsible for storage and bed-down management of SW Asia vehicle package. The wing has five groups including Operations, Maintenance, Mission Support, Medical, and the 414th FG (Fighter Group). Within the 4th OG (Operations Group) are the 333rd and 334th FTSs (Fighter Training Squadrons).

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