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Video: Travis AFB Military Defense Lawyers – CA Court Martial Attorneys – Article 120 UCMJ

Video: Travis AFB Military Defense Lawyers – CA Court Martial Attorneys – Article 120 UCMJ

In this video, military court martial lawyer Michael Waddington discusses military sexual assault and UCMJ Article 120 allegations at Travis AFB, California. Our experienced civilian military defense lawyers defend military cases at Travis AFB, California. Contact our civilian court-martial attorneys today to schedule a consultation.

Travis Air Force Base (AFB), the largest base under Air Mobility Command, plays a crucial role in global airlift and aerial refueling operations. Located in California, it’s home to thousands of airmen who may encounter legal challenges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In such situations, military defense lawyers step in to safeguard their rights and careers.

These legal professionals, often former military JAG officers, specialize in the complexities of military law. They offer crucial assistance in various scenarios, including:

  • Court-martial defense: Representing airmen facing serious charges like assault, theft, or drug offenses, ensuring they receive a fair trial and vigorous defense.
  • Administrative actions: Providing guidance and representation for airmen facing non-judicial punishment, administrative separation, or other disciplinary actions.
  • Investigations: Protecting the rights of those under investigation, advising them on their legal options, and ensuring fair treatment.

Travis AFB itself provides legal resources through the 60th Air Mobility Wing Judge Advocate office (https://www.travis.af.mil/Units/Judge-Advocate/). This office offers legal assistance and can connect individuals with defense counsel. Additionally, there are numerous civilian military defense lawyers in the surrounding area who specialize in representing airmen facing legal issues at Travis AFB.

Whether facing criminal charges or administrative actions, seeking legal representation from a qualified military defense lawyer is vital for airmen at Travis AFB. These lawyers provide invaluable expertise and support, helping to ensure fair treatment and the best possible outcome.

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