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Buckley AFB, Colorado

In 1942, the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado near Aurora was established. The base’s population consists of 3,100 active service members, 4,000 National Guard personnel & Reservists, 2,400 civilians, 2,500 contractors, 30,000 retirees, and 40,000 veterans & dependents. The name of the base originated in honor of Army Pilot, Lieutenant John Harold Buckley. The Buckley AFB contributes to protecting the United States through air operations, space surveillance operations, space communications operations, and space missile warnings.

Hosting units, including the 460th Space Wing, 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard, Navy Operational Support Center, Aerospace Data Facility, and Air Reserve Personnel Center are assigned to the air force base. Other units on Buckley AFB are the Colorado Air National Guard 120th Fighter Squadron, F-16C Fighters, Air Mobility Command’s 200th Airlift Squadron, Air Force Space Command’s 137th Space Warning Squadron, and the Pacific Air Forces 240th Civil Engineering Flight.

The Gonzalez & Waddington Attorneys at Law Firm provides trustworthy military legal services to hundreds of service members and personnel across the world. Our military defense attorneys are aggressive and ready to take on your case and help defend your rights. The firm has defended clients in the United States, Europe, Middle East, Korea and Japan. Call our law firm or visit the Gonzalez & Waddington’s website to inquire about the different legal military services.

To contact a military defense attorney for assistance at the Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado, provide your name, rank, duty station, email, phone and legal issue description when visiting the website or calling. Our team of military defense attorneys and counsels fight your case before the board and courts. The goal of the attorneys is to negotiate deals for favorable discharges, retention and retirement, as well as, avoid the boards. The firm has a reputation of representing clients during court martial, show cause boards, Article 15, Article 32, administrative and appeal cases.

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