Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

The Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina is a military facility located near Sumter. The base houses the 20th FW (Fighter Wing) and tenant units. The facility was named Shaw Field in August of 1941 in honor of Lieutenant Ervin D. Shaw. He was the first American to fly combat missions during WWI. The field was renamed Shaw Army Airfield and later named Shaw AFB (Air Force Base) in 1948.

The 20th FW is the hosting unit at Shaw AFB that provides combat ready aircraft for air defenses, attacks, air interdiction, combat search & rescue missions, and counter-air. The wing comprise of four important groups: Operations to control flying & air field operations; Mission Support with security, civil engineering, communications, logistics, personnel management, and services functions; perform maintenance on aircraft, equipment and components; and Medical which provides medical and dental services. There are four squadrons of the 20th OG (Operations Group) including the 55th Fighter, 77th Fighter, 79th Fighter, and the 20th OSS (Operations Support Squadron).

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Shaw AFB Military Lawyers – Sex Assault Court Martial Attorneys Air Force

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