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Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama is a military installation in Montgomery and the home to the 42nd ABW (Air Base Wing). There are over 12,500 active duty service members, civilian, reserve and personnel at the base. Maxwell AFB is responsible for the development of Airmen, operations of the base, and support for infrastructure, operations and services. The base was dedicated and named in honor of 2nd Lieutenant William C. Maxwell in 1922 as Maxwell Field. It is also home to Air University, 908th Airlift Wing and tenant organizations.

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The 42nd ABW prepares and deploys Airmen who are combat ready and protects, maintains, and operates the base. The wing consists of mission support, medical, team ITT. Mission support has five squadrons including Communications, Contracting, Logistics, Force Support and Security Forces. The Operations Support Flight and Civil Engineering are also apart of the 42nd ABW. Medical consist of three groups; Medical Operations, Medical Support and Aero-medical & Dental Operations. ITT is responsible for supporting AETC (Air Education and Training Command), 42nd ABW and Air University.

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Air Force History – Maxwell Air Force Base Alabama

When it comes to military bases, you may have heard of Maxwell Air Force Base. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, this facility is officially known as the “Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Center.” It is a major training center for the United States Air Force. It is part of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC). The facility has a variety of different missions. Read below for more information. This article will also cover the military bases located near Montgomery.

When the Air Corps Act of 1926 passed, the city of Montgomery agreed to lease the local municipal airport to the AAF. The new hangar, Building 836, was constructed in a week to house the B-29 bombers. The Air Force extended the base’s runway to 8,000 feet in 1995. The military’s first major project was building the B-24 and B-29 aviators’ training facilities.

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In the 1930s, the Maxwell Air Force Base was used as the home of the Air Corps Tactical School. During World War II, the SEATC was responsible for all AAF’s operational training in the eastern United States. During the 1960s, the base served as an Army Air Service repair depot. During the Cold War, the U.S. military also used the site for aerial operations. Maxwell Air Force Base has been a major part of the military’s existence throughout its history.

The Air Force built several buildings on the base. The parade ground across from the Austin Hall was filled with rows of low barracks. The first of these buildings was the 502nd Air Base Wing. The new wing was the only operational flying unit at Maxwell. It operated eight C-130H Hercules aircraft. The U.S. Air Mobility Command operationally gained the new wing and now supports combatant commanders worldwide.

In the post-war era, the 4th Aviation Squadron was established at Maxwell Field. The Alabama River surrounded the base, and the airmen stayed in separate quarters. A mess hall and a hospital were located within the unit. Besides pilots, the squadron also had truck drivers and foot messengers. In 1941, the Air Force set up its wing at the base.

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The main building of the base was Austin Hall. It served as the main building of the Air Corps Tactical School. In 1931, Congressman Lister Hill purchased the land in Montgomery County to build the base. The new facility was a good choice for the Air Corps. The new buildings were designed to meet the needs of both the Air Corps and the Montgomery community. This location was ideal for both the airfield and the community.

At this time, the Air Corps Tactical School served as the advanced professional education institution of the Army. It was located at the Montgomery Municipal Airport and was used to train cadets. Later, it became the headquarters of the Air Force Training Center and ran bombardier and navigator training. In September 1940, the enlisted population at Maxwell had reached an all-time high of six hundred and forty. At that time, 120 cadets arrived for basic flying training on the base.

“Godfather of Maxwell” in Alabama

The building’s design is not only attractive, but it also has a long history. It is an example of a modern Air Force installation. The building was constructed in 1990. The building was named after Lister Hill, the “Godfather of Maxwell” in Alabama. Its modern architecture and soaring skyscrapers were constructed on the base. The airmen lived on the base for nearly a century and a half.

In the mid-1940s, the base was renamed Maxwell Field after Lt. William C.Maxwell was a member of the Army’s twenty-second squadron. The wing was responsible for reconnaissance support of Army ground units. During the Great Depression, the airbase was the largest employer in the area. It was also the largest employer in the town. Its personnel bought goods from local businesses and lived in the area.

Air Corps Tactical School

The Air Corps Tactical School building in 1937 was the first major expansion at the base. It also houses the 42nd Air Base Wing and the Eastern Flying Training Command. The 74th Flying Training Wing was renamed in 1943. In 1994, the 74th F.W. was designated as the host base. In the 1950s, it was a federal prison. Its prisoners were mostly bootleggers and moonshiners.

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