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Little Rock Air Force Base in Arkansas is a training installation for C130 pilots, flight engineers, navigators, and loadmasters. The base is home to the hosting unit, 19th AW (Airlift Wing) which provides the Dept. of Defense with the famous C130 (Hercules). The C130 is used for humanitarian purposes to relieve victims during disasters, to drop supplies by air, and relieve troops during hostile operations. The Little Rock AFB was established in 1955 and named after the city, Little Rock, Arkansas.

The 19th AW, 314th AW, 189th AW, and Tenant Units are the organizations included on the Little Rock AFB. The most significant is the 19th AW which includes four groups; Operations, Medical, Maintenance, and Mission Support. The 314th AW trains the C130 aircrew members for allied nations, Coast Guard and Dept. of Defense. Two groups are assigned to the wing; Maintenance and Operations. The Tenant Units consist of three squadrons; Weapons, Training, and Aerial Port.

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