Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

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Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida is named in honor of First Lieutenant Frank B. Tyndall. The base is located in the vicinity of Panama City and is home to the host wing, 325th FW (Fighter Wing), 1st AF (Air Force), and the 53rd WEG (Weapons Evaluation Group). The installation was established in January of 1941 and named Tyndall Field (a gunnery range) and renamed Tyndall AFB in 1948. The base provides F-22A training to pilots; ensures air control and defense of the U.S.; and manages offshore weapons ranges and target drone programs ranging.

The 325th FW is assigned four groups, including operations, maintenance, mission support, and medical. The

Tyndall Afb Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

operations group comprises of three squadrons; the 43rd Fighter, 325th Operations Support, and the 325th Training Support. MG (Maintenance Group) consists of three squadrons; aircraft maintenance, maintenance operations, and maintenance. There are six squadrons in mission support; civil engineering, communications, force support, security forces, logistics readiness and contracting.

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Tyndall AFB Military Lawyer

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