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Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan

Camp Dwyer Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

This camp is closed.

Camp Dwyer is a United States Marine Corps military base and air field that was established in Afghanistan. It is specifically located in Garsmsir district which is located in the southern part of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. It is a vast desert with small villages along the Helmand River. Its capital, Garmsir, is found in the northwestern part of the area on the east bank of the river. Though the district is poor, people make a living through agriculture since most of the land is irrigated and fine.

Camp Dwyer was formerly recognized as a forward operating base but was significantly enlarged and renamed after British Lance Bombardier James Dwyer in 2009. He was member of the 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery who was killed on the 27th of December 2006 after his vehicle struck an anti tank mine while patrolling south of Helmand Province.

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