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Rosamond CA Military Defense Lawyers

Our military defense attorneys have successfully represented service members around the world.

The hard-hitting military criminal defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington have developed a reputation for representing military personnel at military installations worldwide. If you are stationed in Rosamond CA and are accused of a military crime, then hiring the most hard-hitting criminal defense attorney can be the difference between spending decades in prison versus winning your case or saving your career. Our defense attorneys represent Rosamond CA military personnel in both criminal and administrative matters to include representing military service members accused of sexual assault, murder, and other crimes under military law.

Unlike the majority of civilian court martial defense attorneys or your free military lawyer, pleading guilty is not something we do often. Our lawyers compel the military to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We take almost every case to trial and fight the allegations in front of a jury.

Our military court martial outcomes are clear. The accused military service member and his or her desired outcome is our main concern. Our military defense lawyers maintain lighter caseloads than the typically assigned military lawyer so that we can focus on every case individually. Your trial will not be outsourced to a third party and we will not push you into taking a dive at the eleventh hour. Our court martial defense attorneys have defended military court martial and administrative separation cases in the U.S. and worldwide.

Rosamond CA Court Martial Attorneys

Our experienced military defense lawyers will use our skills to defend your court martial or administrative separation (ADSEP) case at Rosamond CA. Military service members stationed at Rosamond CA merit the best military defense lawyers possible to defend them at their court martial or administrative separation proceeding.

If you or a family member are stationed in Rosamond CA and are suspected of a military offense such as sexual assault or if you are confronted with an administrative discharge, NJP, elimination board, reprimand, then call our military defense attorneys now.

Click here for military law resources: Manual for Courts-Martial (2012)Army CCA

Rosamond in California

Militarydefenseattorneys_4384Rosamond in California is not just a tourist attraction, which has a lot of travelers all throughout the year, but this place is also important for its strategic and defensive forces stationed at the military base near it. In the Kern county side, you can find this census designated place or the CDP. Rosamond CA lies at approximately 32 km to the Northern part of Palmdale, as part of the Antelope Valley.

Key aspects

  • The Mojave Desert is an important landmark in the Antelope valley, and Rosamond CA is located at a distance of 21 km to the south of the Mojave Desert. The rate of crime in Rosamond CA is very low, as the rate of population is also not much, extending to only 18,150 as recorded by the United States Census Bureau in the year 2010.
  • Rosamond CA was once known as the Tropico Village, and these are found in the stamps that are issued by the Rosamond postal services.
  • The conveyance facilities to this place pose no complications to the tourists as the Rosamond Sky Park Airport lies nearby, and it is a platform which has a paved 3,600 foot runway.

Rosamond history and more

  • Militarydefenseattorneys_4378There are multiple facilities that are available in Rosamond CA as it is a happening urban area. Is far beyond the bustle and pollution that is found in big cities like Washington or London. According to the same census which was conducted in 2010, the land area of Rosamond CA was 6-33 square miles, and it also had a population density of about 2527 people living per square mile.
  • Historical documents reveal that Rosamond CA was initially established in the year 1877 as a particular town site that was chosen and worked upon by the Southern Pacific Railroad, and it was named after a little girl named Rosamond, who was the daughter of one of the rail road officials.
  • The popularity of Rosamond CA increased in the 1890s as gold was discovered in this place, and many laborers migrated from many other cities to Rosamond, to earn gold and their livelihood.
  • The first local business and commercial ventures contained the mining and the daily and milk product industries, but during the next few years, the popularity of the industry waned and deflated due to the shortage of raw materials.

Air Force Base near Rosamond, CA

The United States Air Force installation has made the Edwards Air Force Base near Rosamond, one of the most prominent military bases in California. This particular air force base is located to the north eastern part of Lancaster and almost fifteen miles to the eastern direction of Rosamond, CA. as a popular air force test center, the Edwards Air Force Base is treated as a platform for excellence, which plays a commendable role in the defensive strategies of the country. This air force base conducts research and evaluation of air force testing, Air Force Test Pilot School, and the exact examination of air force combat tools and their implementation.

The Edwards Air Force Base was initially known as the Muroc Air force base and the name Edwards Air Force Base derived its name from the famous Captain Glen Edwards. The location of this air force base is very significant as it has the desert salt pan whose dry and rugged highland surface provides ample space for the Edwards runways. Apart from this, the base also serves as a platform for testing almost every aircraft, starting from the time of the Second World War.

This video is a excellent example of why you need to retain the best court martial lawyers that you can find.

Our criminal defense attorneys defend false accusations of rape, child abuse, and sexual assault under Article 120 UCMJ, 120b UCMJ, and 120c UCMJ.

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