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Travis Air Force Base, California

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Travis Air Force Base in California is a military station located near Fairfield. The former name of the installation was FSAAB (Fairfield Suisun Army Air Base) which was renamed Travis AFB (Air Force Base) in 1951 in honor of Brigadier General Robert F. Travis. The 60th AMW (Air Mobility Wing) is the hosting unit at the base. The units at the wing include the operations, maintenance, mission support, and medical support groups. There are other units including the 15th EMTF (Expeditionary Mobility Task Force), 349th CES (Civil Engineer Squadron), 349th AMW (Air Mobility Wing), and others.

Currently, there are approximately 15,640 total military personnel, AFR’s (Air Force Reserve) personnel, and civilians included on Travis AFB. The 60th AMW conducts missions of airlifting personnel and equipment, as well as, aerial refueling internationally. The groups assigned to the wing include operations, maintenance, mission support and medical. Maintenance and mission support consists of eight squadrons and medical consists of seven squadrons. Operations Group consists of five squadrons which are responsible for maintaining and operating the C-5, KC-10 and Globemaster III.

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