Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington contains the 92-Air Refueling Wing and Air National Guard. The strength of the Air Refueling Wing is the 92-Operations Group. There are four groups assigned to the wing, including the Operations, Maintenance, Medical, and Mission Support. The Operations Group provides the aircrews that fly the KC135-Stratotanker aircraft. The Group also provides the best air mobility with reliable air refueling, operational support and airlift.

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Fairchild Main Gate

The 92-Air Refueling Squadron, 93-ARS and 92-Operations Support Squadron are assigned to the 92-Operations Group. Other units on the Fairchild AFB are the Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School, and the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency. The Maintenance Group supports operations of the Air Refueling Wing and tenant units. The group provides maintenance on the Stratotankers and special support on the Training Group’s helicopters.

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