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The Scott Air Force Base in Illinois is an installation named in honor of Corporal Frank S. Scott. The base is located near Mascoutah and houses the 932nd AW (Airlift Wing), 126th ARW (Air Refueling Wing), 18th AF (Air Force) AFGLSC (Air Force Global Logistics Support Center), AMC (Air Mobility Command), U.S. Transportation Command, and other organizations. The facility was named Scotts Field and used to train pilots during WWI in 1917. In 1948, Scotts Field was renamed Scott AFB with the 3310th TTW (Technical Training Wing) as its hosting wing.

The 932nd AW provides staff and visitors with safe and dependable airlift transportation. The wing is responsible for maintaining aircraft and training airmen for ready force. The four groups assigned to 932nd AW are operations, maintenance, mission support and medical. The 126th ARW consists of the operations, maintenance, medical and mission support groups as well. The 108th ARS (Air Refueling Squadron) is assigned to the 126th OG (Operations Group) and is equipped with the KC-13R Stratotanker.

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