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The Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is located near Minot and houses the 5th BW (Bomb Wing) and 91st MW (Missile Wing). The base was built in 1957 and became the leading Strategic Air Command in the 1960s which included intercontinental ballistic missiles, bombers, and aircraft refueling. The base is named after the city of Minot and includes four groups to the 5th BW and three groups to the 91st MW. The 5th wing is the hosting unit for the base, responsible for maintaining and operating the B-52H bombers. 91st wing is responsible for maintaining the Minuteman III missiles.

The groups assigned to the 5th BW are Operations, Medical Group, Mission Support and Maintenance. Operations provide the aircrew members who are trained to fly the B-52H. There are three squadrons assigned to Operations, including the 23rd Bomb, 5th Operations Support and 69th Bomb. The 91st MW consists of five squadrons; 740th Missile, 741st Missile, 742nd Missile, 91st Operations Support, and the 54th Helicopter.

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Military Legal Services Offered:

  • Administrative
  • Administrative Separation Boards
  • Appeals
  • Article 15(s) and Non-judicial Punishment
  • Investigations
  • Sexual Assault
  • Military Sex Crimes
  • Court Martial
  • Upgrades of Discharge
  • Reprimand Rebuttals Letter
  • Corrections of Military Records
  • Article 120 UCMJ
  • Pre-charge Investigation & Representation
  • Show Cause Boards

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Minot AFB Military Lawyer – Air Force Sex Assault Court Martial Attorney. Military defense lawyer, Michael Waddington, discusses Air Force sex assault court-martial cases at Minot AFB. Call 1-800-921-8607 to speak with a civilian defense counsel today.

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