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Our court-martial victories speak for themselves. The suspected service member and his or her desired outcome is our main concern. Our defense attorneys maintain lighter caseloads than the usual free Army defense attorney to focus on each client individually. Your case will not be outsourced to a random attorney, and we will not push you into taking a dive at the last minute. Our court-martial defense attorneys have successfully contested US Army court-martial and ADSEP cases in the US and worldwide.

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Our law firm’s founding attorneys, Michael Waddington and Alexandra Gonzalez-Waddington, graduated from Temple University School of Law in Philadelphia, PA. In addition, Mr. Waddington is a member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers. The ABCL is one of the most prestigious legal groups comprised of some of the best criminal defense attorneys in the USA. Entry is by invitation only and exclusive to highly qualified defense lawyers with a decade of experience defending criminal trials. During this time, they must have defended 50 or more felony trials and won 35 or more jury cases.

Moreover, Michael Waddington was voted a “Super Lawyer” in Georgia and is ranked Superb on AVVO.com. A few of his cases were made into documentary films, such as “The Kill Team.” He also regularly teaches defense attorneys on criminal defense.
Our high-powered military lawyers will use our experience to fight your court-martial or administrative separation (ADSEP) case.

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Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard personnel require the best court-martial defense attorneys possible to defend them at their court-martial or ADSEP hearing.

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Our aggressive court-martial defense attorneys and their

results speak for themselves from less seasoned lawyers.

If you or a loved one are facing a court-martial for a military sexual offense or if you are facing an administrative discharge, NJP, show cause board, letter of reprimand, then reach out to our military criminal defense attorneys today.

Background and History of Fort Lee Virginia

Many National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers who are carrying out temporary service orders in Fort Lee are not allowed to bring their vehicles but can hire a car for the duration of their training if the Army determines that the cost of air travel is less than the cost of travel. Bus stops are located at Fort Lee’s Pxtra and Mahone Ave. Soldiers can attend one of the many training facilities at Fort Lee, and the post-shuttle service is available at 20 stops, with a bus picked up every 25 minutes. Soldiers at the Support Center (SSC) are permanent Army personnel who report to Fort Lee and return to regular duty hours later.

Adults over 18 years of age must present identification at Fort Lee, and service members and their families are expected to show their CAC and military identification cards.

The State Department said it is reviewing other military facilities and territories in the United States to accommodate SIV applicants while they await the processing of their visas.

The Biden Administration says it will evacuate up to 2,500 Afghans working for the United States government and their families from a military base in Virginia until their visas are approved. The administration told Congress on Monday that the refugees will be housed in Fort Lee, Virginia, starting next week. The White House told Congress that up to 1,500 people working in Afghanistan will be temporarily housed at the base, according to a Defense Department memo to lawmakers.

The army is moving soldiers from post hotels into makeshift shelters to make room for thousands of Afghan visa seekers staying temporarily in Fort Lee, Virginia, said a post official. Soldiers are happy to make room for Afghan evacuees but some are concerned that the army is not doing enough to ensure the relocated troops can eat and commute to work.

Fort Lee is an important training base for. Army Logistics University that comes to Fort Lee in 2009, and the US. Army Ordnance Corps Ordnance Campus, two modern operations that prepare soldiers for their roles in national security and foreign operations. Fort Lee is also the first army post in the country, which houses a full-sized statue commemorating service of women in the army. Fort Lee, Virginia Quartermaster of the US Army and US Army Women’s Museum offer a unique perspective on the history of the US Army.

Fort Lee has 27,000 active members, train more than 70,000 soldiers a year and serves as one of the largest Army training sites. Fort Lee is three miles south of Petersburg, Virginia, 116 miles east of Washington, D.C., and 21 miles north of Richmond, the state capital.

Fort Lee has been a unique facility for hundreds of thousands of soldiers and their families over the past 100 years. It is named after U.S. Army Colonel and Commander in Chief of the Confederate States Robert E. Lee, and one of the Army institutions named after a Confederate soldier, and was renamed by the Defense Department Commission for Naming of Objects to commemorate the Confederate States of America and those who served in that country.

Fort Lee was founded in 1917 as an army camp when the United States entered World War I. It was originally built as a state mobilization camp and later transformed into a divisional training camp. After the surrender of Germany and Japan, the Army took the decision to keep Camp Lee as an active training facility for US Army Quartermasters.

Virginia Military Defense Lawyers

Fort Lee was upgraded to a class 1 military installation command and the Quartermaster School was transferred to the Second Army Command and Service Training System from the Continental Army. Fort Lee Quartermaster Training Center could incorporate courses taught at other Army sites and Fort Lee could become an all-encompassing training and monitoring center for Quartermaster Corps troops. In 1966, when the Army was disbanded a few years later, Fort Lee came under the control of US Army training and doctrine command. This series of changes has transformed the Kenner Army Health Clinic to serve the medical and dental needs of 30,000 Army and civilian employees who visit Fort Lee at home.

Equipment and other materials associated with the Army Ordnance Museum were brought for use by the U.S. Army Ordnance Training and Heritage Center to Fort Lee in 2009 and 2010. One of the realignments and closings of the base under the BRAC Act was the requirement to relocate the US Army Military Equipment Center, School Headquarters, Ordnance Mechanical Maintenance School, U.S. Army Ammunition, Electronic Maintenance School and Fort Lee Military Equipment Museum to the end of 2011. Traffic restrictions on the official training track included the complete closure of the shopping street from the main post office to the Quartermaster Museum.

Merge onto the I-95 and take exit 84A (left exit) to Rocky Mount, NC, onto I-295 (S) and continue south on I-295 to VA 36 W (Oaklawn Boulevard), exit 9B between Fort Lee and Colonial Heights.

The hotel is located in the southeast business district of Richmond, between the Virginia State Capitol and Richmond International Airport (RIC), about 40 minutes south of Fort Lee.

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