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We have successfully gone to bat for and acquitted US military members working around the world. Check out our trial experience with other military defense firms.

Our court-martial defense lawyers have earned a name for fighting for military personnel at Yokota Air Base, Japan. Suppose you are stationed at Yokota Air Base, Japan, and are accused of a military crime. In that case, having the most experienced military criminal defense lawyers can be the difference between spending decades in prison. Our defense attorneys tenaciously represent Yokota Air Base, Japan Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties in UCMJ and administrative cases sexual crimes, Assault – Article 128, UCMJ, Sexual Assault, Conspiracy – Article 81, UCMJ, or Prevention of Authorized Seizure of Property – Article 131e, UCMJ.

We defend military cases at the following Air Force Bases in Japan

Our defense attorneys avidly defend Yokota Air Base, Japan personnel charged with sex crimes, drug offenses, Aggravated Assault – Article 128, UCMJ, and Sexual Assault. In addition, we also defend against other specifications under the UCMJ.

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Unlike many defense attorneys or your assigned military defense counsel, pleading out is an option of last resort. When our military attorneys take a criminal client, our military counsel compel the opposing counsel to divulge all the evidence and prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We take nearly every case to a contested court-martial and fight the allegations in front of a military jury.

The military defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington will not outsource your case to a random lawyer, and we will not push you into pleading guilty at the last minute. Our military counsel has successfully fought court-martials and administrative separation boards in the United States and globally.

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Partner Alexandra González-Waddington, has fought for countless US Military service members charged with sexual assault and has aggressively worked on some of the most high-profile war crime cases from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Alexandra co-authored three leading textbooks on cross-examination, Pattern Cross-Examination for Sexual Assault Cases: A Trial Strategy & Resource Guide, Pattern Cross-Examination for DNA and Biological Evidence, and Pattern Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses, published by a leading legal publisher. These books are used by criminal defense law firms in the USA and globally. In addition, she was one of the first defense counsel to serve as a Public Defender for the Augusta Judicial Circuit.

Our firm’s other founding lawyer, Michael Waddington, graduated from Temple Law School in Philadelphia, PA, and is a current member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, one of the most prestigious legal organizations of some of the top defense lawyers in the United States. Also, some of his cases were made into films, such as “The Kill Team.” He also commonly teaches criminal counsel on cross-examining sexual assault victims. Finally, our aggressive Yokota Air Base, Japan military criminal defense attorneys will use our experience to fight your court-martial or administrative separation case at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

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Military service members working at Yokota deserve the best civilian military defense attorneys to advise them at their military trial or administrative separation hearing. If you or a loved one are located at Yokota and are suspected of a Uniform Code of Military Justice crime or if you are looking at an administrative separation, then call our court-martial defense lawyers while you can.

Background of Yokota Air Base, Japan

Military law forms the backbone of the military legal system. It applies to all active duty, national guard and reserves, and retired armed forces personnel across all branches. Therefore, if you or someone close to you has been charged with a crime under the UCMJ, you must turn to lawyers for help right away. The unyielding court-martial defense attorneys at Gonzalez & Waddington can help. As a former member of the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), Michael Waddington has a reputation for defending American Military service members in a court-martial and administrative matters.

Yokota Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties must know their rights. US Military service members have the Constitutional right to be defended by civilian military defense attorneys, so don’t hesitate to hire civilian defense lawyers. To begin defending your charges, contact the military defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington. Our lawyers will handle your case from start to finish.

Japan Criminal Defense Counsel

Our civilian-military defense attorneys will arrange free counseling to discuss your allegations in detail and explain how they will fight your case.

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The United States Air Force is based at Yokota Air Base in Fussa, Western Tokyo. The Japan Self-Defense Force is headquartered at nearby Takasaki Air Base. For more information, please see the following links. To visit Yokota’s base, click here. To learn about the history of the base, view the following video. In addition, a detailed location map is provided at the bottom of this page.

In January 1960, Christian A. Herter and Douglas MacArthur II signed the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security. The agreement authorized the US military’s presence in Japan. The treaty also established the U.S.-Japan Joint Committee to coordinate intergovernmental consultations on various issues. In April 1990, the 374th Airlift Wing moved from Clarke Air Base and was renamed 374th Airlift Wing.

On 4 September, the first eligible US airmen transferred to the Space Force. The base’s community center, located in Bldg 327, became the hub for local information. Today, it’s the primary transportation center for US Forces Japan. To learn more about the Yokota community, read the following article. Once you’ve visited Yokota, consider visiting the Yujo Community Center. This building is home to various government and military facilities, including schools, offices, and a terminal.

After the US occupation of Japan, the base was turned over to the US military. The base was used to ferry B-52s to Southeast Asia and was the headquarters of MAC airlift squadrons in the Far East and the Pacific. The base saw a significant increase in combat aircraft during the Vietnam War, with four C-47 Skytrain squadrons and two F-105 Tactical Fighter Squadrons based at the base. The Air Force also used the base to support the U.S.-based 353rd Special Operations Group.

As of July 1945, the United States Air Force requisitioned Yokota Air Base. The airbase was initially used for military training in the Korean War. The runway was a little over 1,300 meters long. In 1950-53, the base staged B-29 bombers. It quickly became a main attack base for the US during the Korean War. The base is now one of the largest in the world.

The airbase was originally used for military training, but it also hosted some DOD units later on. In 1945, the 3d Bombardment Group arrived with four C-47 Skytrain squadrons. In addition to A-26 Invaders, Yokota has also hosted the American cavalry division. In August 1946, the 3rd Bombardment Group was assigned to the base. It was renamed Yokota Air Base a few days later and began hosting fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.

The 374th Airlift Wing is a US military base in Japan. The wing provides airlift throughout the Kanto Plain. In 2005, it became the headquarters of the defensive forces of the Japanese Air Force. The wing is the largest base in the Western Pacific. During the Korean War, the 374th had served as the headquarters of the 374th Airlift Wing. After the war, the US and Japanese military units shared Yokota’s airfield.

The base was also home to the 65th Military Airlift Support Group. The headquarters of MAC airlift squadrons in the Pacific and the Far East was located here. During World War II, the wing used Yokota to ferry B-52 Stratofortresses to Southeast Asia. In addition, the 610th Military Aviation Support Squadron was created at the base. This wing is now the main US Air Force’s airlift unit.

The 474th Airlift Wing is the host unit of Yokota. The wing is divided into four groups: the 475th Airlift Wing is the PACAF’s command center. The PACAF’s missions are centered on the region’s defense and security. During the war, the Japanese Air Force also supports humanitarian operations in the region. In addition, this branch also provides medical care for troops. Aside from this, the 374th Airlift Wing has many other roles.

In 1940, the Imperial Japanese Army built a base at Yokota for bomber, air refueling, and reconnaissance missions. During the Second World War, the base was known as Tama Airfield and was used for various missions, from battle and reconnaissance missions to refueling aircraft. The USAF took over Yokota in August 1946. While this was the last major Japanese military base to be built in the area, it continues to be a popular location for pilot training.

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