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Kadena Air Base was established in 1945, around the end of the Battle of Okinawa, and has been operated by the United States Air Force until today. It is located in Okinawa Prefecture particularly in Kadena and Chatan towns within the city. As home of the US Air Force largest combat fleet 18th Wing, the base has been the center of the US airpower in the Pacific and other associate units including the 353rd Special Operations Group, 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron, 733rd Air Mobility Squadron and 390th Intelligence Squadron.

Kadena Air Base Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney
Kadena Air Base

The Marine Wing Liaison Kadena or MWLK, a logistics and liaison unit that’s part of the III Marine Expeditionary Force and 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, is also based at the Kadena Air Base. Currently, there are approximately 4,000 Japanese personnel and 18,000 Americans that are based in the station divided into different groups under the 18th Wing. Other units host units are the United States Navy, agencies from the Department of the Defense as well as major commands of the Air Force.

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Kadena Air Base-Japan

Kadena Air Force Base was used after the invasion of Okinawa to launch rapid airstrikes on approaching US forces and capture marines. Its history goes back to the Battle of Okinawa on April 1, 1945, when a local construction company completed a small airfield called Yara in the village of Kadena in the Hikojo Islands. The additional construction work undertaken by the 807th engineering and aviation battalions improved the Airfield for the Imperial Japanese Army (USAAF), used fuel tankers, and a new 2,000 m long bituminous runway as well as a 1,300 m long runway for bomber aircraft.

In November 2006, the 1st US Tank Battalion, the 1st Patriot PAC-III, was deployed from Fort Bliss, Texas, to Kadena. As a result, the Fifth Air Force became the command and control organization for Kadena Air Force Base. Additionally, the 71st Air Base Group provides the host units and support organizations assigned to the base.

Due to the large military population, Kadena Air Force Base is anchored with the largest fighter aircraft in the Air Force, the 18th Squadron, US Army, Marine Corps, and Navy units and forty additional tenants representing six agencies within the Air Force. In addition to Kadena AB, the host and related units of five other Air Force Headquarters, the US Navy, and other Defense Department agencies have direct reporting units. More than 80% of Kadena is leased to the United States by Japan’s Defense Ministry, and the base is part of the “mutual defense agreement” of the two countries.

Kadena Air Force Base is a hub for the US Air Force in the Pacific Ocean for the US Air Force’s 18th Squadron and a variety of related units. Okinawa is situated southwest of mainland Japan, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea. Okinawa, the main island of Okinawa Prefecture with 160 islands, is often called the “keystone of the Pacific” due to its strategic location compared to the major Far Eastern cities.

Kadena Air Force Base is the center of airpower in the Pacific Ocean and home to the Air Force’s largest combat aircraft, the 18th Wing, and various related units. Together they form Team Kadena, a world-class fighting team ready to fight and win on the Pacific’s keystone. More than 18,000 Americans and more than 4,000 Japanese employees and contractors make up this team.

The Okinawa Stock Exchange offers a wide variety of retail services and food options to choose from. Our customer service is our top priority, and you will see this every day from our team. Additionally, your Exchange Facility purchases benefit from the Military Community Contribution and Dividend Support (MWR) program for the Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Air Force’s finest facilities are our cinemas, numerous video rental stations, golf courses, outdoor roller skating rinks, fringed rinks, and state-of-the-art fitness centers. According to tourism statistics, the best time to visit Kadena Air Force Base for general outdoor activities is from early October to mid-December, with a peak in the last week of October. All Year Sep Today Spring Summer Autumn Winter Jan Feb Mar Apr Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Climate Average weather for the year at Kadena Air Base, Japan and the base itself:
• Summer is hot, oppressive, wet, and cloudy.
• Winter is cool and clear.
• It can be windy all year round.

The topography within a 2-mile radius of Kadena Air Force Base exhibits moderate elevation differences, with a maximum elevation of 34.8 feet and a maximum elevation change of 13.7 feet above sea level.

Kadena Air Force Base is a US Air Force facility on the Japanese island of Okinawa, often called the keystone of the Pacific Ocean. The history of Kadena Air Force Base begins years before the US invasion of Okinawa in early April 1945. Kadena was able to shoulder the responsibility, which proved overwhelming, as the air force was accompanied by ground forces in a rapid response format when needed.

Since November 1954, the 18th Squadron has been the most important operational unit of the US Air Force in Kadena under various names. The Air Combat Command 82d Reconnaissance Squadron conducts information operations. It provides tailor-made combat information to evaluate the security of friendly command, control, communication, and computer systems to improve combat, survivability, situational awareness, and target accuracy. David Barton is operations officer of the 18th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

The unit created a training program to help other units implement the theory and traveled to Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho to help out. As a result, the Air Force began implementing the theory in service by sending advisers to bases to train pilots in theory, identify constraints, and devise solutions.

Brooke came to Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington. To be the first Air Force maintenance group to test the theory, he said. Major Alex Pagano, commander of 353rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 18th AMXS, and others, enrolled in a three-day course to teach and implement theory there. When I moved here in October, I was impressed to see the same or greater success that the unit had based on the course, “Brooke said.

The Air Force Housing Management Office (HMO) manages military family housing for dependents assigned to Okinawa. In addition, the Family Medicine Team is assigned to the Family Medicine Division to promote the continuity of the service.

After the transfer of Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa on May 7, 1975, to Kadena Air Force Base, the title of Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa was given to the United States. Naval Air Facility, Kadena. A pilot assigned to the 18th Wing of Kadena’s was en-route off Cape Hede on Sunday when he disappeared shortly after 10 a.m., the base and Japan said in a statement Monday morning.

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