Coordination with OTJAG

In the Army, SJAs should consult with the Criminal Lawfare Division, OTJAG, prior to the government’s consent to an accused entering a conditional plea of guilty.

  1. AR 27-10, para. 5-26b (“Because conditional guilty pleas subject the government to substantial risks of appellate reversal and the expense of retrial, SJAs should consult with the Chief, Criminal Law Division, ATTN: DAJA–CL, Office of The Judge Advocate General, HQDA, prior to the government’s consent regarding an accused entering a conditional guilty plea at court-martial”)
  2. Once this coordination is complete, the Trial Counsel may consent, on behalf of the government, to the entering of the conditional guilty plea by the accused in accordance with R.C.M. 910(a)(2).”). See generally RCM 910(a)(2) (“The Secretary concerned may prescribe who may consent for the Government…”).

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