Use a logical progression to reach a specific goal

    1. A logical progression is the optimal approach to educate the jury. Identify your goal (your main point), and then progress through your questions until your goal becomes logically true. The progression reduces the witness’s ability to evade.
    1. Use this planned, logical progression to walk the witness to the edge of a cliff. Use the goal question to force the witness to step back, or to fall off that cliff. That is, progress to the point where the witness either must concede your goal fact, or will look foolish denying it.
  1. You do not have to know the answer to this goal question. If you have walked the witness to the edge of that cliff, you don’t care what the answer is to the goal question. The witness will concede (you win) or look like a liar or a fool (you win). This victory will not occur unless you prepare ahead of time.

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