Chapter bundles

A proper explanation of an event may require several goal questions. Use one goal per chapter and then bundle the related chapters together. Start with the most general chapter first and work toward the most specific.

    1. Example:
      1. PVT Jones, you’ve been convicted of a felony.
      2. You were convicted of robbery.
      3. You pled guilty in exchange for a five-year deal.
      4. As part of the deal you agreed to testify against PFC Sitler.
  1. Better:
    1. Goal Questions:
      1. You are an armed robber.
      2. You got caught red handed.
      3. You admitted to < one fact of the robbery > .
      4. You admitted to < second fact of the robbery > .
      5. [Note: this is relevant, b/c it supports how guilty Jones was, and how much Jones needed the deal.]
      6. You were facing 15 years confinement.
      7. You cut a deal.
      8. After the deal, you were looking at no more than 5 years confinement.
      9. You became a cooperating witness (or “snitch”). (10) That was part of the deal. (11) You agreed to testify against the accused. (12) You know the government will be happier with you if the accused is convicted.

      Chapter 1: Goal question: You are an armed robber.

      1. On July 15th you needed some money.
      2. So you picked up your gun.
      3. Your gun is a .44 magnum revolver.
      4. Your .44 was loaded.
      5. You went to the shoppette.
      6. You pointed your loaded .44 at the clerk.
      7. You told her to give you the money.
      8. You told her you’d kill her if she didn’t.
      9. She was pregnant. (10) She looked very scared. (11) She gave you the money. (12) So you didn’t kill her. (13) You ran out of the shoppette. (14) You are an armed robber.

      Chapter 2: goal question: you got caught red handed.

      1. The police caught you while you were running away from the shoppette.
      2. They caught you with the .44 magnum.
      3. They caught you with the shoppette’s money.
      4. The pregnant clerk got a good look at you.
      5. She could identify you.
      6. You were caught red handed.

      Chapter 3: goal question: you were facing 15 years confinement.

        1. After being caught red handed, you saw an attorney.
        2. You were charged with armed robbery.
        3. You knew you were in a lot of trouble.
        4. You knew you were facing 15 years confinement.

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