Overview of counsel qualifications:

1. GCM. Article 27(b), UCMJ. “Trial counsel . . . detailed for a general court-martial

a. school or is a member of the bar of a federal court or of the highest court of a State . . . and

b. must be certified as competent to perform such duties by The Judge Advocate General of the armed force of which he is a member.”

2. SPCM & GCM. RCM 502(d). Defense counsel must be Article 27(b) certified.

3. Under RCM 502(d)(2), assistant trial counsel and assistant defense counsel need only
be commissioned officer.

4. Summary Court-Martial. Middendorf v. Henry, 425 U.S. 25 (1976). The Sixth
Amendment right to counsel does not extend to SCM.

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