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Forward Operating Base Delhi, Afghanistan

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The installation is closed.

The Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delhi can be found in the village of Garmsir which is the center of Garmsir district in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. This is specifically located along the Helmand River near an empty Agricultural College Building.  It is the site of the relentless fighting within the months of April to September 2008 between the joint forces of US Marines and British troops and Afghan forces.

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FOB Delhi is built by the United States Marine Corps as a military expeditionary base but was originally established by the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2008. The base was handed to The Light Dragoons of Task Force Helmand, a British Army regiment on September 2008. In 2009, it was brought back to the US Marines and transferred to Task Force Leatherneck. Prince Harry of England visited and served here in late 2007.

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FOB Delhi Afghanistan

The alleged gunmen were teenage employees known to a single Afghan man named Aynoddin, who worked at the base before January. After his early release, Jan was appointed commander of the Afghan police in the Helmand Province district, where FOB Delhi is based. However, disturbing reports say that the boys who resided at Forward Operating Base Delhi in Garmser District of Afghanistan’s Helmand province were never subjected to a rigorous vetting process and were deployed as members of the Afghan police.

Several Marines stated they had made it clear to Jan that carrying minors to the base was not acceptable. Carroll said within minutes of Brezler writing his colleagues from the base in Delhi, Afghanistan, and warning Jan, an Afghan police commander active in the province of Helmand, an email containing classified documents contained claims that Jan had claimed no ties to the Taliban. In the summer of 2012, while studying in Oklahoma, he received emails from Marine officers in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, a troubled area where he was stationed in 2009 and 2010.

Cody Rhodes and his friend Scott Dickinson were part of a small police advisory team responsible for training Afghan police officers in FOB Delhi, a joint US-Afghan security forces base in an abandoned agricultural college building in the Garmsir district of the Helmand River Valley. Not only did they work at the district police headquarters during the day, but they also lived in another part of Delhi, where the base is separated from US headquarters by a small checkpoint. Several marines said that they had made it clear to Jan and the county police that bringing children to the base was unacceptable.

A Marine under his command took Rivera to a victim collection point on the American side of FOB Delhi. Cody Rhodes and his friend Scott Dickinson on the day their 2012 deployment ended at Afghan National Police in Forward Operating Base (FOB), a joint base of the US-Afghan security forces. In August 2012 at Fob Delhi, few days after the shooting, the police advisory team was transferred to the internal security of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment (3/ 8th Infantry Brigade) at Marine Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Garmsir, a police officer, says Aynoddin took care of the base and kept it to himself. However, working with and mentoring the corrupt and poorly organized Afghan security forces has been frustrating for a man groomed to be an aggressive fighter. One of the stickers on FOB Delhi says the marines fear God. In August, a teenager who worked for the district’s police chief shot three marines while practicing at a shared gym in Fob Delhi on the day they were due to return home.

Small teams of advisers who live and work with Afghan soldiers and police expose themselves to shoddy Afghan security standards for better or worse, allowing individuals to live and share bases without proper oversight and sharing them. Marines are withdrawing from the battlefield to advise the Afghan police and army to take on a bigger role in fighting the insurgents. This tactic has reduced Navy losses to Taliban rifles and bombs. This spring, the Marines at Garmsir have gone from battalions to companies, consolidating their presence from 60 bases to just three.

Service members at Camp Leatherneck, the largest base of the Marine Corps in Afghanistan, are furious that commanders have decided to throw out the rationing service at midnight and a 24-hour sandwich bar. Instead, the base plans to replace them with ready meals, NBC News reported Lt. Col. Cliff Gilmore, a Marine Corps spokesman.

The Washington Post posted a disturbing report Friday night about the deadly attack of Marines on a base in Delhi’s Garmser District of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province on August 10. Marines and other US officials have said they had heard earlier this year from residents who complained that the chief of police was hiding that he had invited boys to the bases where US troops had committed sexual misconduct. The incident was investigated by NCIS and the US Attorney’s Office in New York.

Jason Brezler, a decorated U.S. Marine Corps reserve officer who served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congressmen, senators, and two Marine Corps generals wrote letters on Brezler’s behalf to the great man with a strong New York accent and a blond mustache. Other Marines at FOB Delhi at the time had a different impression of Buckley’s state of mind, which described him as gregarious and happy despite the difficult conditions and said he had a friendly relationship with the Afghans at the base.

There was an uneasy sense of calm at the base, given the intimidating arrangement of military equipment. However, a video feed from a surveillance balloon with US marines’Eyes of the First Floor of razor wire and giant explosive barriers showed the specter of a swimming pool in the first separate perimeter of razor wire and explosive barriers – a disturbing reminder of Afghanistan’s dream. The Marines, who lived in the small Base Chow Hall, pictured above, came on the other side.


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