Alabama Military Defense Lawyers

Cities in Alabama where our military defense lawyers represent service members at court-martial and in administrative separations:

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Air Force Bases in Alabama where our lawyers practice:

Maxwell-Gunter AFB, Montgomery

Maxwell Air Force Base, located in Montgomery, Alabama, is a US Air Force installation under the Air Education and Training Command and includes the Air University Headquarters, the 42nd Air Base Wing, 908th Airlift Wing, and the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters.

Army Installations in Alabama where our lawyers practice:

Anniston Army Depot, Bynum

militarydefenseattorneys_4443Anniston Army Depot, located in Bynum, has the primary task of repairing tracked vehicles. Anniston is also a storage depot for a little more than 7% of the United States chemical weapon stockpile. The depot employs more than 2,000 people and covers an area of about 25 square miles.

Fort Rucker, Dale

Fort Rucker is an Army Aviation Center located in the southeast, lower Alabama. It is home to the US Army Aviation Museum and the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence. It is currently garrisoned by the 1st Aviation Brigade, the 110th Aviation Brigade, and the 23d Flying Training Squadron.

Redstone Arsenal,  Madison

Redstone Arsenal is in central north Alabama near the Tennessee River. This installation has been the center of the Army’s missile and rocket programs for more almost 70 years.  It is the home to the US Army Aviation and Missile Command, and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Coast Guard Bases in Alabama where our lawyers practice:

Aviation Training Center, Mobile

Situated in Mobile, Alabama, the Aviation Training Center qualifies Coast Guard Pilots to fly the HU-25, HU-60, HH-65, HC-130, HC-130J, and the HC-140. The air station conducts Coast Guard missions such as search and rescue, environmental protection, and homeland security.
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Experience the wonders of the cotton state situated in the southeastern region of the United States and sharing its borders with the states of Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, Alabama is one of the most popular and conservative states in the U.S with a population of nearly five million. Alabama is ranked 23rd in the most populous state in the States.The state consists of mostly forested areas with cities and towns, it is also known as the cotton state and it is one of the largest sources of cotton production in the U.S. The capital is Montgomery and Birmingham hosting the largest population in the state. The state is the thirtieth largest in the whole country and it also boasts the second-largest inland waterway along with the Northern region of Alabama which is mostly a mountain region bordering with Tennessee and sharing the Tennessee river as well, the farming activities are profound thanks to the gentle plains which feed down to the Mississippi.
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Key highlights of Alabama

There have been evidence of multiple settlements by indigenous Indians before settlement by the Europeans from various excavations that have gathered various artifacts from the areas surrounding Moundville; these excavated items have been kept in the museums around the state. The economy of Alabama had always been reliant on agriculture owing to the highly fertile ground for the farmers; this was further aided by the rivers of Tennessee and the Mississippi. However, after the war the economy diversified into several sectors including automobiles and other production.

militarydefenseattorneys_4442The place has many natural wonders such as the Moundville archeological site, Russell cave, etc. which people can visit. The state also has evidences of racial turmoil owing to its troubled history with racial discrimination; however, now many museums have artifacts and evidence of the infamous civil war between the confederate nations of the South against the North. The state is also a nature hot spot with many National parks and beautiful areas filled with flora and fauna for people to visit, another region in the urban areas to visit is the city of Birmingham which boasts the biggest skyline in the state.

The state also hosts a large number of churches due to Christianity being embedded deep into the way of people’s life, there are some excellent examples of old architecture spread out across the state for people to come and visit with many old churches and synagogues continuing to be in operation even today.

Military details

The state comprises of three prime military bases that owe their roles during the different wars through the decades, one of them being the Anniston army depot which is one of the most secure army bases in the state which was previously tasked with the repairing of tracked military vehicles during the Iraq war in 2003. The base is stretched out over 25 square miles housing 2000 military personnel and a massive storage depot which is known to be housing nearly over 7% of the total chemical weapons of the U.S mostly classified as weapons of mass destruction.

One of the oldest bases in the state is Fort Rucker that was first built in the year 1942. The naming of the base is in honor to the confederate general Edmund Rucker who was a celebrated officer in the civil war. The base offers public entry for specific points only to the United States Army aviation museum and the United States army aviation centre of excellence. The base is home to the 110th aviation brigade, and the 23rd flying training squadron. The base is currently under the command of Major General James O Barclay III.


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