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Guy’s Night Out Crashed by E-4 Party Girl – Bad Idea!

U.S. v. Army E-7 – Shaw Air Force Base, SC/Pensacola, FL

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Allegations: MULTIPLE SEXUAL ASSAULT CHARGES, Fraternization
Max Punishment: 50 YEARS IN PRISON, DD, Sex offender registration
Result: NOT GUILTY OF ALL SEX CHARGES, Guilty of one specification of fraternization
SENTENCE: NO DISCHARGE, 30 days in the base brig, No Reduction in Rank
Discharge: NONE
Location/Branch/Rank: Shaw AFB, SC/Army/E-7

Summary: Shaw Air Force Base Shaw Afb LawyerOur client was TDY near Eglin, AFB, Florida for a training mission with the Air Force. His all-male team of NCOs went to McGuire’s Pub and the International Lounge for dinner and drinks. One of his team members, a male E-7 (Warrant Officer Candidate), invited a female E-4 to join the guys for drinks. As you can imagine, this story does not end well. The Warrant Officer was trying to hook up with the E-4, but the alleged victim was more interested in our client.

The next day, the male E-7 accused our client of sexually assaulting, harassing, and maltreating the female E-4 at the bar and in her room. Witnesses found our client in the E-4’s room and intervened. The E-4 claimed sexual assault and the other NCOs ganged up on our client. The Warrant Officer claimed that our client forcibly removed her breast from her shirt, groped her, and forced himself into her room.

Mr. Waddington and CPT Joseph Piasta fought the case in front of an enlisted jury.

At trial, we exposed the Warrant Officer as a lying dirtbag. The other NCOs crumbled under cross-examination and the alleged victim was shown to be a drama queen and exaggerator.

RESULT: NOT GUILTY OF ALL SEX CHARGES, Guilty of one specification of fraternization

SENTENCE: NO DISCHARGE, 30 days in the local brig, No Reduction in Rank

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