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Military Sexual Assault Information

The CAPE project aims to change social norms on campus and in the community to expand trauma-based support networks for survivors of interpersonal violence while reducing the incidence of sexual violence, dating / domestic violence, and stalking through inclusive prevention and education.

Rape Crisis Centers provide support

Rape Crisis Centers provide support and resources to survivors of violence and family members and friends who have been victims of sexual abuse. In addition, local community mental health centers can provide information on sexual abuse treatment programs and complete the recruitment process for anyone seeking treatment. The Women’s Health Authority also said a national hotline for sexual abuse could offer support 24/7 and provide links to resources.

What Is Military Sexual Trauma Mst-Va Disability For Military Sexual Assault Ptsd

Infographic Military Sexual Trauma – MST Symptoms VA Disability Ratings

Victim Connect Resource Center

The Victim Connect Resource Center provides crime victims a place to access information about their rights and opportunities, resources, and referrals that can help you or a loved one after sexual assault. In addition, explore a carefully curated list of online resources for survivors that provide additional support.

They believe that to stop the rape, you must talk about it. When violence happens, they have the right to seek healing and justice. Survivors should be allowed to follow their spiritual path without violence. It is important to respect the personal choices of each survivor, as they deal with sexual abuse in their way.

The serious impact of sexual assault on a survivor

But many people are aware of the serious impact of sexual assault on a survivor. These resources can help survivors and their loved ones navigate the confusing world of post-assault life. This list includes resources for sexual and domestic violence survivors, ranging from online group counseling to books, workshops, and peer support.

Find out how you can file a legal suit – each state has different laws about how sex crimes are defined, what the penalties are, how long after an attack you can report a crime to the police, and how long after an attack you can file a civil case. Each state uses a different legal definition to describe sexual assault.

Military Sexual Trauma Mst Symptoms Va Disability Rating

Infographic on Military Sexual Trauma MST-VA Disability for Military Sexual Assault PTSD

Sexual acts committed without consent

All sexual acts committed without consent or as a result of force or intimidation are acts of violence and abuse, not sexual acts – this applies regardless of whether the victims are women or men and regardless of the sexual orientation of the perpetrator or victim.
People may also have a stereotypical view that women are always victims of sexual violence and men are perpetrators. Still, the Victims of Crime Office reports that nearly a quarter of men experience sexual violence in addition to rape during their lifetime. And 2% suffer from rape. Among men, 52.4 percent of victims report that the perpetrator was an acquaintance, and only 15.1 percent report being abused by a stranger. Most survivors fear no one will believe them after the attack.

Spiritual and faith communities can be an excellent source of healing, community, and support for survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and child abuse. Joyful Heart Foundation is the mission of changing society’s response to sexual violence, domestic violence, and child abuse to support the healing of survivors and end this violence forever. Safe Horizon has a national confidential 24-hour hotline in English and Spanish for victims of domestic violence, survivors of rape, incest, abuse, and sexual assault, and victims of other violent crimes.

Highly trained and experienced advocates are available 24/7 to speak confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic or sexual violence, such as obtaining resources or information or asking questions about unhealthy aspects of their relationship. In addition, BARCC is available 24/7 to accompany you to the hospital.

Military Sexual Assault Prevention

The organization’s website has a great resource page for women of color who go to treatment centers and organizations in their area dedicated to helping victims of sexual violence, providing resources for prevention, intervention, and treatment, and some programs also provide specialty services in the form of support groups, therapy or medical care. In addition, each crisis center in Iowa is trained by IowaCASA staff to work with male survivors.

Based on a review of local, state, and national data and feedback from focus groups with survivors of sexual assault, the authors conclude that the vast majority of survivors of sexual assault in Nebraska do not seek help from local DVSA programs. This report examines the extent to which survivors of sexual assault in Nebraska seek services from Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse (DV / SA) programs serving rural communities, as well as factors that influence survivors to apply for help.

RAINN (National Rape, Abuse and Incest Network)

Organizations such as the RAINN (National Rape, Abuse and Incest Network) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center provide ongoing support for survivors in all necessary ways. In addition, POD supports survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the military, including military personnel, veterans, and civilians that the military has attacked. More importantly, attorneys provide impartial and unbiased support to those who use this resource.

The examination provides immediate medical attention when treating injuries, and serves as a means of collecting evidence through forensic examination, examination of a sexually abused patient by a practitioner (most often a nurse) with specialized training and clinical experience in collecting forensic evidence and treating an aggressive patient.

Sexual Assault Survivor Resources


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