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The Robertson Barrack is a primary Australian Army base built in the 1990’s and located in Holtze, a rural area of the outer Darwin, Northern Territory and under the jurisdiction of the Litchfield Municipality. Named after Lieutenant General Sir Horace Robertson, the second commander of the 1st Armored Division, it houses various brigades and special troops and it has a helicopter airfield.

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Here you can find the Royal Australian Regiment ,1st Combat Signals Regiment, 1st Armored Regiment, 1st Combat Engineer Regiment, 1st Combat Service Support Battalion, 8th/12th Medium Regiment, 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Australia), and the 5th Battalion,. There are external units also residing in the base such as theJoint Movements Control Office – Darwin, the Joint Logistics Unit (North), 1st Aviation Regiment, B Coy, and 1st Military Police Battalion.

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It is said that this will be the future site of the United States Pacific Command Marine Air-Ground-Task Force rotational deployment. In preparation for that, its current capacity of 4,500 troops will be innovated very soon. As of now, the accessibility and size of the important facilities here are closely patterned with other US deployment sites all over the world.

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