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Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

The oldest incessantly active military base installation of the AF is the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. The history of the base is dated back to 1867 as Fort D.A. Russell which was named to honor General David A. Russell. The base is the nation’s first operational ICBM base with the Atlas missile introduced in 1958. It is home to the 90-Missile Wing which was activated in 1963. The wing was previously known as the 90-Strategic Missile Wing and named the 90-MW and later renamed the 90-Space Wing in 1997 and returned to the present name in 2008.

Francis E. Warren AFB employs over 3,000 military members and more than 900 civilian employees. There are over 5,000 militants’ family members and approximately 5,000 retirees that reside in the area. The air force base also contains the headquarters, 20-Air Force and Air Force Global Strike Command. Units include Medical, Mission Support, Security Forces, Maintenance, and Operations.

Gonzalez & Waddington Law Firm is fervent to assist service members and personnel stationed at the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming. The firm specializes in military court cases such as court-martial, war crimes, violent crimes, sexual assault, white-collar, and appeals. Services provided by our criminal defense lawyers include the following; pre-charging investigation, administrative separation boards, discharge upgrades, letter of reprimand rebuttals, investigations, and correction of military records.

The Law Firm is knowledgeable of your rights and military court proceedings. Our court martial lawyers are reputable and experienced with more than 40 years. If you are a suspect, learn your rights and never plead guilty to a charge before contacting a skilled lawyer. Visit Gonzalez & Waddington’s website or call the Law Firm to request information and have an attorney to contact you. The website is user-friendly, requiring visitors to provide his or her name, email, telephone, duty station, rank, and a brief description of the legal issue.

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