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MRE 413 & 414 Statutes

Rules of Evidence 413 and 414: Where Do We Go from Here?


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  • In a court martial in which the accused is charged with the offense of [sexual assault/child molestation], evidence of the accused’s commission of one or more offenses of [sexual assault] [child molestation] is admissible and may be considered for its bearing on any matter to which it is relevant.
  • In a court martial in which the Government intends to offer evidence under this rule, the Government shall disclose the evidence to the accused, including statements of witnesses or a summary of the substance of any testimony that is expected to be offered, at least 5 days before the scheduled date of trial, or at such other time the military judge may allow for good cause.
  • This rule shall not be construed to limit the admission or consideration of evidence under any other rule.
  • [Definitions of “offenses of sexual assault” and “child molestation”]
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