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  1. Prisoner must submit a parole plan and agree to abide by the plan.
  2. The plan must include:
    1. A statement of where the prisoner plans to reside and with whom.
    2. Guaranteed employment, an offer of effective assistance to obtain employment, or acceptance in a valid educational or vocational program.
    3. A requirement that the prisoner shall comply with State and local registration requirements in the location the prisoner plans to reside.
    4. Other requirements such as a restitution plan, completion of a substance abuse treatment, participation in counseling or therapy programs, etc.
  3. The Board may establish and subsequently modify conditions or release as it considers reasonable or appropriate.
  4. Prisoners who accept parole waive all GCT and EGCT and serve parole till the expiration of their full sentence.
  • Parole supervision: Individuals released on parole are under the direct supervision of Federal probation officers.

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