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When You Require a Court-martial defense Lawyers in New Mexico

We have successfully gone to bat for and cleared the names of American US service members stationed around the world. Read our trial experience with different criminal defense counsels. For over twenty years, our military counsel have fought for military service members suspected of sexual assault, fraternization, Aggravated Assault – Article 128, UCMJ, Rape, White Collar Crimes, or Receiving Stolen Property – Article 122a, UCMJ. We also defend other specifications under the UCMJ.
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Unlike most court-martial counsel or your free military defense counsel, taking a plea deal is not something we commonly recommend. When defense lawyers take a client, our court-martial defense attorneys compel the government to divulge the discovery and prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. We take nearly every accusation to a contested court-martial and fight the allegations in front of a military panel.

Cannon Air Force Base, NM Military Defense Law Firm

Partner Alexandra González-Waddington, has defended numerous American US service members accused of Article 120 UCMJ offenses and has tenaciously defended some of the most serious war crime cases from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Alexandra co-authored three leading criminal trial guides on cross-examination, Pattern Cross-Examination for Sexual Assault Cases: A Trial Strategy & Resource Guide, Pattern Cross-Examination for DNA and Biological Evidence, and Pattern Cross-Examination of Expert Witnesses, published by a leading legal publisher. These publications are used by criminal defense practitioners across the United States and globally. Mrs. Waddington was one of the first defense lawyers to serve as a Public Defender for the Augusta Judicial Circuit. Our law firm’s other founding lawyer, Michael Waddington, graduated from Temple Law School in Philadelphia, PA, and is a current member of the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, one of the most honored legal organizations made up of some of the most experienced criminal defense lawyers in the United States. Also, some of his cases were made into films, such as “The Kill Team.” He also regularly instructs criminal defense attorneys on cross-examining cops. Our aggressive Cannon Air Force Base aggressive military criminal defense counsel will use our history to fight your court-martial or administrative separation (ADSEP) case at Cannon Air Force Base.

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Service members living at Cannon Air Force Base must seek dogged civilian military defense lawyers to defend them at their court-martial or administrative separation hearing. If you or a family member are located at Cannon Air Force Base, NM and are suspected of a Uniform Code of Military Justice offense such as Sexual crimes, Murder– Article 118, UCMJ, Indecent exposure under Article 120c, UCMJ, Title IX Sexual Misconduct Allegations, or Willfully Disobeying Superior Commissioned Officer – Article 90, UCMJ or if you are looking at an administrative separation then call our aggressive court-martial counsel now.

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Information on Cannon Air Force Base, NM

Cannon Air Force Base is a United States Air Force base 11 km southwest of Clovis, New Mexico. Cannon was founded about 10 km south of the city in the eastern part of New Mexico and is operated by the Air Force. Cannon is responsible for test operations, tactics, new techniques, and the latest aircraft for the service. Cannon is about six miles south of Clovis and 19 miles east of Portale, New York.

The base is named after John K. Cannon, who led several commands during World War II. The base has been involved in the most recent operations conducted in the Middle East by the United States of America. Cannon AFB provides full support for SOF operations, surveillance, and intelligence.

In July 1942, the facility was assigned to the Second Aiorcer, and in 1943 the Army began to use it as a bomber base. In July 1951, the base fell under the responsibility of the Tactical Air Command and housed the P-51 Mustang. It received the 140th Fighter Bomber Wing, a unit of the Air National Guard, and was reactivated in November 1951 as Clovis Air Force Base.

In 1942, after the United States entered World War II, the Army took control of the civilian airfield and renamed it Clovis Army Air Base. In 1942 the base was used by a military unit, an army glider squadron, for the first time. The first USAF unit to use the base was the 140th Fighter Bomber Wing of the Air National Guards (140th FBW), which arrived in October 1951 and was activated during the Korean War.

The 509th Airdrome Group (Clovis Detachment) operated the Clovis AAF unit from its headquarters at the Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico and used the base to station its B-29. The base remained in reserve until April 1 of 1950, when responsibility was transferred to Strategic Air Command (SAC) and the Air Training Command (ATC). Plans were made to turn the base into a training facility for contract pilots, but with the start of the Korean War, the Air Force’s plans for the base changed. On July 23, 1951, responsibility was transferred again to the Tactical Air Command (TAC) as a combat base.

Starting in 1964, during the Vietnam War, squadrons of the 27th TFW were sent to units and bases of the Air Force around the world. On June 1, 1992, the base and 27th Fighter Squadron became part of the new main command, the Air Combat Command. The 27th Special Operations Wing (27th SOW) is home to the Cannon Air Force Base and is named after General John Kenneth Cannon, commander of the Mediterranean War in World War II and former head of the US Air Force in Europe.

The wing’s tasks include infiltration, exfiltration, replenishment of special operations forces, air refueling for rotary blades and tiltrotor aircraft, and precision fire support. The provision of basic services and activities to ensure operational readiness for the 27th Special Operations Wing includes housing, plant construction and maintenance, catering, law enforcement, fire protection, communications, personnel support, accommodation, recreation, environmental management, procurement, supply, transportation, logistics, planning, and other basic services. Cannon AFB also hosts other guest units of the 27th Special Operations Command (27 SOW) and personnel agencies, including the guest unit, 27th Special Operations Comptroller Squadron, 27th Special Operations Controller Squadron, guest units, the Protocol Office for Plans and Programs, the host public affairs office and the host equal opportunities office.

Cannon Air Force Base, NM Dogged Military Counsel

Moving to a new base can be a challenge, but New Mexico has wonderful weather, and the location of the base means you can explore plenty of nearby towns and villages when you get there. There are several hotels on Cannon Space Force Base, and you are sure to find something that suits your budget.

Many military family members call the base their home, while others choose to live in nearby communities. At the time of the census [10] in 2000, 2,557 people, 921 households, and 575 families lived. The base population was 20.2% under 18 years, 52.8% between 18 and 24 years, 26.2% between 25 and 44 years, 0.8% between 45 and 64 years, and 0.0% between 65 and older.

The Melrose Air Force Range and Training Area is located on 600.10 hectares and is 2.5 miles from the base. The town is 8 miles from a nearby military base and is the main site of the railway line. GSU units are separate units based at Cannon Air Force Base and subordinate to the parent unit at the base.

The goal of the Relocation Assistance Program is to provide the knowledge and skills of our military and civilian communities to make a successful and smooth move by providing personalized services such as personal counseling, basic videos, computers, checklists, and 20 hours of free childcare through the Air Force Aid Society. Commando Newcomer Orientation is a mandatory program for all assigned personnel to familiarize themselves with their new base and receive a briefing from the unit commander. Additionally, more than 400 members of the Military and Civilian Support Squadron work every day to care for the airmen and their families at Cannon AFB.

It is crucial for Cannon Air Force Base US armed forces personnel to know their rights. US Service members have the Constitutional right to be represented by a civilian defense attorney, so don’t hesitate to hire court-martial counsel like those at Gonzalez & Waddington, Attorneys at Law. To start fighting your charges, today, call the aggressive civilian military defense attorneys at Gonzalez & Waddington to arrange a consultation with one of our criminal defense lawyers.

Our military defense lawyers can handle your charges and protect your freedom. Whether you face charges such as Sexual crimes, Manslaughter – Article 119, UCMJ, Sexual Assault of a Child, White Collar Crimes, or Fraternization – Article 134, UCMJ, the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington can help.

In military criminal cases, charges are determined by the JAG prosecutors and the chain of command, not by the accuser. Gonzalez & Waddington are distinguished in criminal defense by their complex knowledge of the law. We take the time to understand every aspect of a case to achieve beneficial results for our clients. At Gonzalez & Waddington, our unrelenting civilian defense lawyers Gonzalez & Waddington are heavily invested in criminal defense cases, and we are committed to protecting the interests of our clients.

Court-martial defense attorneys at Gonzalez & Waddington will handle your case from start to finish. Dedicated and ferocious military criminal defense lawyers at Gonzalez & Waddington provide worldwide representation. We provide you with the personal attention you need to fight for your freedom and rights in these stressful times.

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Cannon Air Force Base, NM Civilian Defense Attorneys

Our unrelenting defense attorneys at Gonzalez & Waddington will arrange free counseling to discuss your allegations in detail and explain how they will fight your case, which is different from most military attorneys. Use the contact form contact our unrelenting defense attorneys at Gonzalez & Waddington for legal advice. Call to speak to our experienced defense counsel at Gonzalez & Waddington.

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Criminal lawyers Michael Waddington & Alexandra Gonzalez-Waddington have extensive experience handling all types of criminal charges, ranging from Sexual crimes, Death or Injury of an Unborn Child – Article 119a, UCMJ, Indecent exposure under Article 120c, UCMJ, Accessory After the Fact – Article 78, UCMJ, or Property Other Than Military Property of United States—Waste, Spoilage, or Destruction – Article 109, UCMJ.

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