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Show Cause Boards/Administrative Separation Boards

If you are facing an administrative separation or show cause board, then you need the hardest hitting representation possible. At a board, military personnel face:

  1. Losing their career;
  2. Losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard earned retirement pay and benefits;
  3. An Other Than Honorable (OTH) discharge, hurting their ability to find a job and support their family; and
  4. Losing their reputation and pride.

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Military defense attorneys

Our attorneys drive a hard bargain and fight to win the best possible outcome for our clients. Our results speak for themselves. Below are cases that we contested in front of boards. In hundreds of other cases we have negotiated deals that have secured favorable discharges, retention, and retirement, thereby avoiding a board all together.

Note: These are examples of real case results. All cases are different. A success in one case does not guarantee success in another similar case. We do not guarantee a certain final outcome, to do so violates the Rules of Professional Responsibility.

  • U.S. v. Army O-3, Fort McPherson, GA – Soldier accused U.S. v. Army O-3, Fort McPherson, GA – Soldier accused of abandoning her Company Command, adultery, false official statement, falsely claiming that a married E-8 was her husband and supposedly lying in order to get married quarters while on R& R in from Afghanistan. The Army tried to give soldier an Other Than Honorable Discharge (OTH).
    Result: Soldier received an Honorable DischargeRead the full story
  • U.S. v. Air Force O-5, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey – Air Force attempted to separate client and give him an Other Than Honorable Discharge. Contested case in front of an officer board.
    Result: Client retired with an honorable discharge
  • U.S. Air Force E-6 – Eglin AFB, FL – Avoided court martial. Contested charges at board. Airman received a General Under Honorable Discharge.
  • U.S. v. Navy E-7 with 18 years of service – Jacksonville NAS, FL – Separation board for various sex crimes. We fought the charges in front of a board. Board found that no misconduct occurred. Sailor retained on Active Duty.
  • United States v. O-3 – Conduct unbecoming an officer, Inappropriate relationship with a female GS employee while married. Retained and allowed to PCS.
  • United States v. E-4 – Homosexual conduct. Retained.
  • United States v. E-4 – DUI, Drugs/wrongful use of cocaine, two time PLDC failure, two counts of assault. Suspended discharge and rehabilitative transfer.
  • United States v. E-6 – Personality disorder discharge. Diagnosing psychiatrist testified against soldier. Board found that psychiatrist misdiagnosed the soldier and retained.
  • United States v. E-6 – Failure to meet weight standards. Retained, promoted to E-7.
  • United States v. E-4 – Drugs/wrongful use of methamphetamine. Retained.
  • United States v. E-7 with 25 years – Wrongful use of cocaine. Retained, allowed to retire.
  • United States v. E-4 – Drug use, aggravated assault with an ax handle in Kuwait. Awarded Honorable Discharge.
  • United States v. CW2 – Fraternization, Adultery, Violation of a Regulation, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. Retained.
  • United States v. E-7 (Recruiter) – Drugs/wrongful use of cocaine x 4, dereliction of duty. Awarded Honorable Discharge.
  • United States v. E-7 with 21 years – Drugs/wrongful use of cocaine. Retained, allowed to retire.
  • United States v. E-7 – Fraternization, adultery, false official statement (to an O-6 in front of his entire staff), conduct unbecoming, and fraud. Avoided court martial and took it to a board. Won a General, Under Honorable Conditions Discharge, rather than Other than Honorable (OTH) at the board. Soldier was able to re-join the Army and will retire.

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