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Video: False Accusations = Benefits UCMJ Art 120 Military Lawyer reacts

Video: False Accusations Victim Benefits UCMJ Art 120 Military Lawyer reacts

In this video, criminal defense lawyer, Michael Waddington discusses False Accusations = Benefits UCMJ Art 120 Military Lawyer reacts #falseaccusation #ucmj

Victims of false accusations of sexual harassment under Article 134 of the UCMJ are entitled to a range of protections and benefits. The military takes false accusations seriously, recognizing the severe harm they can inflict on the accused’s reputation, career, and well-being.

Victims of false accusations have the right to legal representation and a fair investigation. They can seek assistance from their chain of command, a military defense lawyer, or the Inspector General. These resources can help them navigate the legal process, gather evidence to refute the false accusations, and ensure their rights are upheld.

Additionally, victims of false accusations may be eligible for mental health counseling or other support services to address the emotional trauma resulting from the ordeal. The military recognizes that false accusations can have lasting psychological effects and strives to provide the necessary resources to help victims heal.

In some cases, if the false accuser is found to have intentionally made the accusation with malicious intent, they may face disciplinary action under the UCMJ for making false official statements or other offenses. This can serve as a deterrent against future false accusations and protect the integrity of the military justice system.

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