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Video: Aggressive Military Prosecutors Article 120 UCMJ Defense Attorneys

Video: Aggressive Military Prosecutors Article 120 UCMJ Defense Attorneys

In this video, criminal defense lawyer, Michael Waddington discusses Aggressive Military Prosecutors Article 120 UCMJ Defense Attorneys.

Under Article 120 of the UCMJ, military prosecutors aggressively pursue cases involving sexual assault, rape, and other sex crimes. They approach these cases with the understanding of the severe impact these offenses have on victims and the military’s mission.

Military prosecutors undergo specialized training to handle these sensitive cases, ensuring they understand the nuances of sexual assault investigations, evidence collection, and victim advocacy. They work closely with law enforcement to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build strong cases against alleged offenders.

Their approach is often characterized by:

  • Thorough Investigation: They leave no stone unturned, meticulously examining every detail to build a comprehensive case.
  • Victim Advocacy: They prioritize supporting and protecting victims, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights are upheld throughout the process.
  • Zealous Prosecution: They relentlessly pursue justice, seeking the most appropriate charges and penalties for offenders.
  • Deterrence: Their aggressive stance sends a clear message that sexual assault will not be tolerated in the military, aiming to deter future offenses.

While some may criticize their aggressive tactics, military prosecutors argue that their approach is necessary to hold offenders accountable and ensure justice for victims in a system where sexual assault has historically been underreported and under-prosecuted.

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