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presume he will testify; prepare cross-examination
–always interview; often admits sex, blames victim; lies may contradict provable facts; see pretext phone call, above [keep in mind legal and ethical limits to interviewing an accused (Art. 31, legal representation)
–obtain concessions

-wanted to have sex with victim;

-prepared to have sex
-intended to get her alone

-did she say “no”? how often?; what changed?
-did she say “yes”?; directly, or inferentially?

-from what did you infer “yes,” rape myths?

-level of intox. (vomit?, needed assistance walking, removing clothes?),

–was she unconscious?

-who made first contact? Details; when did plan to have sex begin

-limits of prior interaction w/ victim; really a “date”? or just a pick-up; how well did they know
each other

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