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Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonville, Florida

Employees who arrive at NS Mayport are directly contacting the housing authority to make unscheduled accommodation arrangements. The Navy Lodge Building (1980) is on the beach on Baltimore Street and offers 64 rooms with two queen beds and 24 single rooms with one queen bed. Other accommodation at the base is intended for recruited personnel.

To make a reservation at a local motel, you will need to give a certificate of unavailability from Naval Lodge. Then, you must go to the Passport and Decal Office to enter NS Mayport to obtain a sticker and a temporary basic pass.

To ensure that you and your family have accommodations when you arrive, you must make a reservation at Navy Lodge or a local motel in advance. In addition, the Fleet Family Support Center (FFSC) provides support and information for your Removal Assistance Program (RAP).

Contact NS Mayport Housing Services Center at 904-270-5730 or DSN 270-5738. Here you will find information on Naval Station Mayport, including the principal commercial DSN number for the station, information about basic services, basic transportation, lodges, TDY, PCSing, and personnel processing. If the ship is not in port, check on the base stern deck at Naval Station Headquarters Building 1 for assistance or call (904) 270-5401.

Jacksonville, Florida

Mayport Naval Station is 15 miles south of Jacksonville, Florida, at the mouth of the St. Johns River in Duval County. It is a low to medium cost of living beach community in an area with a large military presence. Mayport has a unique naval base, harbor, and runway that can accommodate 34 US Navy ships and Defense Department aircraft.

Mayport Naval Station is one of three large marine installations in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. It is also the home port for 22 US Navy ships, including guided-missile cruisers, guided weapon destroyers, and guided weapon destroyers. The homeport of Naval Station Mayport, Mayport, Florida, is also one of three major naval installations in and around Jacksonville.

Mayport Naval Station is a major U.S. naval base in Jacksonville, Fla. NS Mayport is home to more than 70 tenants and organizations and 22 ships. On more than 3,400 hectares, the base houses more than 70 tenants, has 20 other naval vessels and six helicopter squadrons.

After its commissioning at the end of 1942, the base was renamed Naval Auxiliary Air Station to provide war support areas for personnel and logistics. The naval base grew out of the air system and was operated as a seaport. A jet runway was added in the mid-1950s, and the facility was converted into a Navy auxiliary air station and the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt in July 1955.

Mayport Naval Station, Florida

The base was expanded in 1988 and renamed a naval airbase to accommodate more ships, sailors, and their families. The Naval Base and the new Naval Auxiliary Air Station (NAAS) supported the US Fleet during World War II. The base was expanded to accommodate more sailors and their families, and in 1988, when it was renamed Mayport Naval Station, it was redesigned and designated as a naval airbase.

When the base was reactivated in June 1948, the naval outpost was under the command of the Naval Air Station Jacksonville commander. The naval division of the base commenced operations in June of the same year.

West Coast aircraft carriers were split between Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, California, Naval Base Kitsap, and Naval Base Everett in Washington State, with one aircraft carrier assigned to the Forward Deployed Naval Force (FDNF) and another at Naval Base Yokosuka, Japan. Since the decommissioning of the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, all aircraft carriers have been assigned to the US Navy Mayport. An extensive expansion plan enabled the Mayport naval station to house a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, which was moved from the Norfolk naval station.

According to a report by the Quadrennial Defense Review, the East Coast aircraft carriers are based at Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia, to protect the fleet from potential terrorist attacks, accidents, and natural disasters. Various destroyers will follow, with Mayport receiving five ships by the end of the next year, the Norfolk naval surface force Atlantic said. The details of the moves have not been disclosed, but Navy leaders are finalizing the plans, and Mayport spokesman Bill Austin said the USS Winston S. Churchill would be one of them.

Mayport is a town on the south bank of the St. Johns River, about 3 miles south of the jetty. The Mayport Coast Guard Station is located at the southern end of the boardwalk. High above Jacksonville Beach, Mayport Naval Station’s red-and-white checkered water tanks stand out most prominently at the entrance, and the water tanks rise from the beach to the south.

MWR Mayport is recognized as one of the top Naval programs and received a five-star accreditation from the commander of the Navy Installation Command. The area around the current location of Mayport Naval Station was facilitated by access to the inland waterways and the open ocean, and the early interest of sailors in the area led to an important naval base with strong links to Newport. Mayport’s mission is to provide the best service for the best fleet.

The Naval Branch Health Clinic in Mayport is one of six health facilities operating from the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville. In addition, the global campus has been working with members of the US military since the 1970s to help them earn degrees, both in active duty and as veterans.

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