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The Patrick Air Force Base in Florida was named in 1950 to honor Major General, Mason Patrick. The installation houses hosting wing, 45th SW (Space Wing) which controls and operates CCAFS (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station) and ER (Eastern Range). Before 1905, the facility was an airfield for the United States Navy and named the Naval Air Station Banana River. The naval airfield was disabled in 1947 and activated as the air force in the late 1940s. Other units included on Patrick AFB are the 920th RW (Rescue Wing), AFTAC (Air Force Technical Applications Center) and DEOMI (Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute).

The 45th SW is responsible for managing launches of rockets, such as the satellites for the military of the United States, weather, the NSA (National Security Agency), and NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). The wing is also responsible for operating the Delta IV and Atlas V missiles. 45th SW supports Dept. of Defense, NASA and other space programs.

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