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Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

Mountain Home AFB Military Lawyer | Court Martial Attorney

The Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho is an AF (Air Force) installation located near Mountain Home. Construction of the military base began in 1942 and was completed by 1943. Airmen were trained in the 396th Bombardment Group for the B-17th Flying Fortress. The transition of training began in 1944 when the B-17th was replaced with the 490th Bombardment Group and then replaced again with the 494th Bombardment Group. The hosting unit is the 366th FW (Fighter Wing).

Mountain Home AFB is responsible for providing combat airpower and support to respond and carry on contingency operations internationally. Host unit, 366th FW primary goal is the preparation of Airmen for expeditionary operations. The wing consists of four important groups; Operations, Maintenance, Mission Support and Medical. There are three squadrons assigned to the Operations Group; 389th Fighter, 391st Fighter and 428th Fighter. The 366th FW has held several names throughout history, including the 366th FBW (Fighter Bomber Wing), 366th Tactical FW (Fighter Wing), and 366th W (Wing).

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