Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas

The Laughlin Air Force Base in Texas is an installation of the U.S. AF (Air Force) and is located near Del Rio. The facility is a large establishment designated to host the 47th FTW (Flying Training Wing) and AETC (Air Education and Training Command). The Laughlin AFB contains the Mission Support Group, Operations Group, and Medical Group. The name of the base originated in March of 1943 as the Laughlin Army Air Field in honor of pilot, Jack T. Laughlin. The installation closed in 1945 and reopened in May of 1952.

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Hosting Wing, 47th Flying Training is responsible for training pilots for the U.S. Air Force, AF Reserve, ANG (Air National Guard), and the ANAF (Allied Nation Air Forces). Pilots are trained on T1A, T6, and T38 aircraft. The AF organization is also responsible for the deployment of Airmen who are professionally trained and disciplined. The Medical Group consists of two squadrons and the Operations Group consists of seven squadrons. Mission Support Group includes four squadrons, Contracting Flight and the Logistics Readiness Division.

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